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_Pro snowboarder, multi-time amateur national champion then Rookie of the Year in Grand Prix, member of the U.S. Snowboard Team, competed in World Cups, has had top-10 finishes in NEARLY every pro contest in the world. 25 years old.

When I was growing up I was just obsessed with motocross but could never get a bike. I'd come home every day from school thinking it would be in the barn that we had, I would check every day.I ended up getting sponsored by Fox Racing for snowboarding, and I was like, "OK, this is the time to do it," because I had all the gear and went out and bought an RM125 and started racing and got really into it.In the off-season, motocross is my way of staying competitive and active. I like to take a break from snowboarding in the summer, so I can get my stoke up in the winter and be able to go hard at it for our six- to eight-month season.I think snowboarding comes naturally to me. As far as motocross goes, I could take all the lessons I can get. It's a whole learning thing for me, which makes it so exciting. I think it's a sport that you don't have to be really good at to enjoy, like skateboarding or maybe snowboarding. I'm loving every second of it and hopefully I'll get a lot better.At the Crossover race, me and Nate Holland got into it. Pat fired up the rivalry because we're both pretty new to the sport but both pretty competitive, and I kinda stalled it in the first moto, but in the second moto I was after it and wasn't gonna settle for any position behind him. I did (beat him), I was stoked.