The Ladies Man - Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

First off, great magazine, guys. I ride ATVs and dirt bikes, so I subscribe to both ATV Rider and Dirt Rider. I mainly ride dirt bikes though, so I still give the upper hand to you guys, but in the latest issue of ATV Rider something caught my attention. While I was flipping through it, I found the "Holiday Buyer's Guide", with "Santa's Hot Helper", and I thought why isn't that in Dirt Rider? Let's face it, dirt bikes are more fun to ride, but I'll ride an ATV with a girl all day without thinking about how much I wish I were on a dirt bike. Riding with friends is great, but it's better to ride with a girl that enjoys it as much as you do. Still you have the upper hand in articles, comparisons, and rides, so I'll still read yours before ATV Rider everyday. Once again thanks for a great magazine and keep up the good work.**Anonymous

If you want photos of girls, there are magazines dedicated to just that and they won't waste girl-photo space with pictures of dirt bikes. If you want as much good, useful, and entertaining information about dirt bikes as we can stuff into a magazine, you have Dirt Rider_. We're big fans of female riders and will gladly print pictures of rippin' girls like Sarah Whitmore or Ashley Fiolek, but you won't see any of that Santa's Hot Helper jazz in Dirt Rider; it's just not our thing. End of Story! -Pete Peterson_