Hammer Time! - Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

First off, I would just like to say how much I enjoy reading your magazines. I own a 2008 CRF250R and have shimmed the valves a few times now. Today I went to do this again but I couldn't remove the left exhaust shim. All of the others came out but this one. I had a magnet on it and even tried to get a set of pliers on it but it sticks up only about 0.020" above the bucket so I just couldn't get a hold of it. Any suggestions? I did put this shim in myself and it was a bit snug but I didn't force it in. I just gave it a slight push and it went in fine. Now I don't know what else to do so I am asking you experts for help.**David Marsten

Coquitlam, AK**

_Don't be afraid to tap on it with a light hammer. There is likely a piece of debris along the side of the shim and the spring retainer. It should loosen up. It may also be in slightly crooked and the tap will nudge it straight and then the magnet will pick it up.__Notice I said 'light hammer' and not Husky or Maico sized hammer.__If that does not work, heat might be the next step. Email me back and I'll explain fire and ice! -Jimmy Lewis_