Good Eggs - Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

Photo by Scott Johnston

Hey Jimmy, you're like the "Grim Reaper", the "Bearer of Bad News" when it comes to the track and trail closure announcements. All your recent articles have got to be bumming folks out, but I'm here to tell you not all is bad! All kidding aside, I realize the articles you write are to inform and get people out to vote and let's hope they do. With all the bad news reference closures, I do want to mention there are some trails actually opening up. I know you guys at DR don't like to hear the same old verbiage of "come out and ride in my area" or "you guys should do some testing where I ride" but it does hold true in the area of Montrose, Colorado.We are very fortunate to have a local BLM office manager who is very pro-recreation and has just finished opening up over 20 miles of very technical single track! You heard right. Nearly 20 miles is unheard of in this day and age but it was done with federal funding and a collaborative effort between the trail crews, mountain bikers, hikers, horseback riders and of course the dirt bikers who incidentally made up the majority of the trail workers. The name of the trail is "Sidewinder" and its name is very fitting. The area also borders the Black Canyon National Park that makes the fact that this trail was done even more unbelievable! This took a long time and many hoops to jump through but it is done and fun! You really should come and check it out. But if you can't, riders can view this trail and others in the area on my Youtube site at "swormtours". I'm trying to archive most of the trails out here so riders can view them to first see if they are to their liking and/or skill level.Cheer up Jimmy! Not all is bad.**Scott Johnston

Montrose, CO**

I know there are good stories out there like this, and this is the reward of a lot of hard work. Problem is, there are 50 bad stories out there for every one of these I find out about. Hopefully that will start to change. Thanks for all the hard work and even more thanks to the BLM manager who is putting in extra effort and making a difference. -Jimmy