Dirt Rider Photo Challenge Sneak Peek! - Friday Surprise - Dirt Rider Magazine

A few issues ago, we announced the first-ever Dirt Rider Photo Challenge, a competition of sorts to find the best photographers out of all our readers. As a result, we've been collecting submissions from both amateur and professional photographers all over the world, and we have to say that DR readers sure know how to shoot! The entries have been rolling in like crazy and we've received a wealth of great images in all of the five separate categories: MX action, off-road action, lifestyle/artsy, less than three megapixels (for a small point-and-shoot/cell phone camera category) and crash photos.We originally stated that we'd only accept submissions until the end of October, but due to the overwhelmingly cool spread of pictures that we've received, we're going to extend that deadline by two weeks. Did you hear that? We'll now accept any photo submission sent to use between now and November 14th! That still gives you time to send your best snaps to us for a chance to possibly get them printed in the magazine, and maybe earn some cool swag in the process.Here's how it works: We will only consider submissions that are sent to drmail@sorc.com in the form of low-res photos (that's low resolution, as in of a non-mailbox-crashing size, as in less than one megabyte. Please test before you send by emailing it to yourself. Each email must be less than one megabyte and your computer can't explode). You may submit up to three photos via email only, but they must be attached to the email-no links or servers or anything. Any emails that you send after your first email will be deleted. In the subject line, include the words "Photo Challenge," followed by your name and the category of your submission(s)-MX, off-road, lifestyle, point-and-shoot or crash. If we like your submission and want to see a higher-res version, we will email you and give you instructions on how to do this. Also, please include a short (two- to three-sentence) paragraph explaining where you took the photo, who (if you know) is in the photo and what the photograph means to you.

That's it, the final call to send your shots to us! In the meantime, here's a sneak peak at some of the photos we received up to this point. This is only a small slice of the photos that we've been sent, but as you can see there are some talented photographers in the DR reader pool!