Too Stoked Two-Stroker - Dirt Rider Magazine

I have read all dirt bike magazines and your mag is my favorite. While I am riding my mind tends to wonder, in a good way, to articles in your magazine. That could get me to lose concentration from my riding and get seriously injured, but it doesn't. I ride smoother with more control, which is always a benefit. It helps me with a clearer image of what is really happening with my bike and how to ride it from your detail description in the magazine. Unlike other magazine I feel your mag has quality descriptions on mechanics on dirt bikes that I can trust. Sometimes it seems like you are sponsored by KTM though. I see them a lot in your mag. I like how you still show love for two-stroke bikes and still have articles on them. The way you describe them is how I feel when I am riding them. The dyno in Nov issue gave me a clear idea of the advantage four-strokes have over two-strokes and why no one at the top races smokers anymore. For instance of how the four-stroke power is constantly higher through the whole rev range. Even though a two-stroke might have more power it is only at the top and not as usable. I do not think they should be extinct. Two-strokes are easier for me to whip around corners and to air off jumps. If anyone currently riding a bike has not ridden a two-stroke they are missing out and definitely need to try one. I have a two-year subscription and I devour every page in the first two-days I get it. Then I am left anticipating the next issue to come for the next 28 more days. Do you have any ideas or suggestions for my fix? Also, is there any way to get subscriptions on past years of your mag? I think that would be really interesting. I would guess everyone at Dirt Rider has been riding for years and thank you for the great advice.**David Adler

Foster City, CA**

_Thanks for the kind words about the magazine. We all remember when we had those days of waiting until a new magazine hit the stands. At this point, we can just recommend to fill the gap. We put new info up every day, so that should help. Unfortunately there are no back issue subscriptions. There are back issues for sale, but the extra handling and storage they require makes them pretty expensive. Look through the various topics on and you will find many tests and tech stories from past issues. There are some great folks on our message boards as well. You will certainly find some kindred spirit two-stroke lovers on there! -Karel Kramer_