Alpinestars B2 Carbon Knee Brace - Dirt Rider Magazine

Alpinestars is jumping into the knee brace business, and it looks like they expect to start at the top. Their new B2 Carbon Knee Brace is made of two carbon fiber frames and designed to offer, "the best combination of flex, weight and structural strength." The knee impact protector is floating and removable, the hinge stops are adjustable in a 20 degree range to pick how far you want the brace to move freely through your knee's range, and sizes range from small to extra large. They are sold separately for $349.95 each and will be available in late August. I only have one question - they look so cool, can I wear 'em outside my riding pants? If you really want to know how they work, keep your eyes peeled for a DR Tested in Dirt Rider magazine as soon as we've put enough hours on