Race Tech Motorcycle Suspension Bible - Dirt Rider Magazine

You know you want to do more of the work on your bike to make sure it's done right and to save a boatload of money. Putting in a new top end is one thing, but suspension internals are a mystery to most. You know servicing your suspension is critical to proper bike performance. And if you got really good at opening up the internals and dialing in your suspensions' valving it could add a new level of fun during the week and speed on the weekend. Race Tech's $34.99 "Motorcycle Suspension Bible" might be your first step to being able to do ALL the work on your bike. We're going through this book and will be telling you how useful it is once you've got fork fluid all over your hands. Watch_ Dirt Rider_ magazine for a review in our "DR Tested" section.www.racetech.com