Fuel Injected Two-Strokes Do Exist! - Dirt Rider Magazine

I would like to point out that the development of FI two-strokes in dirt bikes may be a bit closer than you think. You stated that FI is being used in outboard two-stroke motors, but they typically run at constant RPMs. Ski-Doo has been using electronic direct injection in some snowmobile since the 2008-2009 season. Reports are saying that this technology not only allows the motor to burn much less mixing oil and get greater gas mileage, but it has also been stated that these sleds run cleaner emissions than some 4 strokes.Snowmobiles do not run at constant RPMs, are subject to vast elevation changes and often bumpy terrain. This technology has been put to the test in SnowCross as well. So one would think that this technology would work very well in dirt bikes. So not all hope is lost for the future of FI two-strokes. We just need to get a manufacturer that has not given up on two-strokes to do some R&D.; KTM... are you listening?? We need our Austrian friends to talk to our Canadian friends at BRP (Ski-Doo).Thanks for the great magazine.Bill Polewarczyk

Lancaster, MA_Since I have my head stuck in the sand most of the time, not the snow, now I an enlightened and will do my research. Thanks for the knowledge. -Jimmy Lewis_