Don't Be That Guy - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hey, great mag, guys! I'd like to say that the "if you are such a good rider" article was very, very intriguing because I found myself to be one of those guys and along with many of my other friends. We are bushwhackers, as they say, we trample the desert just about every weekend and soon enough the trails are hammered. To look at ones' self in the mirror and to say "wow, I can't believe I just ruined the best trail here," what was I thinking? As Jimmy said, "If you're such a good rider, then why don't you race?" Well one easy explanation, for me anyhow, I don't have the edge to race yet. I do like to go to the track as much as possible during the week to have a good time. I think that is why we "all" like to race is to just have a good and fun time riding our bike yet there are consequences to every action.

Trevor DunnSometimes the hardest thing is to be honest in the mirror and you just were. That is a great step. Now that you are at least thinking about the racing thing, when you feel up to it, you'll do it. They have classes for everyone and it is addicting and it will make you feel much better about going slow on the trails because you took all the anger out on the track!** -Jimmy Lewis**