TJ's Cycle/Pro-Action Perry Mountain 24HR Race Report - Dirt Rider Magazine

By: Brian Johnson

Who - #7 Brian Johnson,Hayden Franklin,Jeff O'leary, Shawn O'leary,Lance Haley,Tracy Cloy

Where - Perry Mountain 24HR Maplesville Alabama

When - June 5th-6th

Bike - 2010 KTM 250 XCWell our trip started in Austin and we drove out to Alabama all day Thursday.We got to the track about 9pm at night and found that we had a pretty good pit spot and parking spot so things where good.We unloaded everything and got the trailer ready to sleep in.

Friday morning we woke up and Hayden Franklin met us bright and early and we started to set up the pits and working on the bike to make the final adjustments to the bike.Everything looked good on the bike we tested our Trail Tech headlight that was working great and our Dunlop Mx 51 where hooking up very well.The new Rekluse EXP was also a great addtion to the bike and was making everyone on the team very excited.We installed the KTM hard parts Aceribis X-seat because Hayden said you would not get any monkey butt.Our Ride PG custom 24HR Graphix looked good on white plastic.We started with a brand new Subaki Chain which looked good and worked great.We had all of our race cans premixed with Silkolene Comp 2 with a added dose of Silkolene Pro Boost to each gas can.Saturday morning came around we had our new team shirts on and everyone was looking good and feeling good and looking forward to the race.Hayden Franklin was starting for our team TJ's KTM/Pro-Action Elite class #7.Franklin got off to a second place start behind the #1 bike who had Mike Brown starting for them and he held second for the entire first lap until he got overtaken by the #2 Husaberg bike mounted by Nathan Woods and the #6 Kawasaki bike mounted with Andrew Matusek. We had decide to do two laps each and so Shawn O'leary was up next and put in some solid laps and we did not loose hardly any time.Then Tracy Cloy was up next and laid it down putting us closer to the third spot again.Jeff O'leary, Lance Haley, and Brian Johnson all put in solid laps keeping the second and third place close.Franklin went out on his second ride at four and did gain hardly anytime but did loose any time running the extact times as the #1 team with Cole Kirpatrick mounted and #2 team with Mike Lafferty mounted.As time went on we held the fourth spot and kept the Husaberg and KTM team within minutes.After Hayden was done Shawn O'leary got on the bike and did his first lap fast then half way around his secondlap the rain came and they had a rain or lighting delay.This was at about 5:30pm.

The only good thing about this was that it gave us time to work on the bikes and get them ready for the mud.So we worked fast and prepped the bike for the mud we changed the Silkolene gear oil and sprayed Silkolene All-in-One all over the plastic to keep the mud off.We stuffed foam in spot that would help keep mud off the bike.We put on our MSR mud flaps for better protection of our hands so they would not get muddy.The only bad thing about this delay was the lead we had built on the teams behind us we lost all of that time because they where going to restart everyone ten seconds apart at 11:30pm. But it did help us and put us right behind the leaders which at first was great.First up on the restart was Tracy Cloy with his Trail Tech Helmet light giving him excelent vision which helped him work his way past the Husaberg team and the Kawasaki team and put our team second.Next up was Jeff and he kept it going but the Husaberg team had Nick Faringer on the bike and surpassed Jeff and put us in third.Then Haley was next he was going strong but crashed knocking the headlight off which he carried back to our pit and we remounted it.We lost some spots there since everyone was so close so it put us back in to sixth. Then Brian Johnson put in his ride and kept it going. Hayden was next and put in another great ride followed by Shawn O'leary and we where moving back up closing in on the fifth place team and fourth place.Tracy Cloy was next and passed the fifth place team and put over a minute on them.Then all of a sudden the bike quit on Cloy about two miles from the pit.He started to push the bike back as fast as he could.once I heard he was pusinhg the bike the officals took me out to him where he was still pushing the bike he said it would not go you would rev it out and it would die. I told him to try to short shift it and don't rev it up and limp it back to the pits and he did which was awsome.

Now it was time to figure out what was wrong with the bike we cleaned the carb,check for a bad ground did alot of things and could not figure it out and then we checked the reeds and they had collapsed and broken.We pulled the assy off another unit and mounted it up and finished the race coming in 12th overall and 7th in the Elite Class.The Rekluse EXP was a great advantage for this race when the track got muddy and the climbs got worse it helped us out alot and I will not run a 24hr with out one ever.Our FMF gnarly pipe did great also and made it through it all with no big dents.We only went through two rear Dunlop MX51 tires they held up great and performed great.The best part is the Pro-Action suspension I didn't let anyone on the team know that we revalved it and everyone said it worked great.Everything we did was on track for a podium just some bad luck.But same team next year and we want it bad.I want to thank everyone that helped us out.**TJ's Cycle, KTM, Pro-Action,Rekluse Clutches,Trail Tech Lights, Enterprise Rent-A-Car,Ride PG Graphix's , Maine Root Hand Crafted Beverages,Silkolene Oils, FMF, Dunlop, Subaki Chain,Pro Clean 1000, Engine Ice,