TCX Launches Pro 2.1 Boot - Dirt Rider Magazine

I just crashed TCX Boots' international distributors meeting in Montebelluna, Italy, to give you the freshest and official word on their new MX boot, the Pro 2.1. It remains true to the scoop got a little while back a new outside upper of PU plastic, more traction on the inside of the leg with a rubber heat guard and "traction bars" below, an new and improved buckle system, and a better gator to prevent dirt and rocks from getting in (or really, a rock, because it's always just one little rock in your boot that somehow manages to get exactly into the worst spot).If you run down to your dealer to order a set he'll look at you like you're crazy for two reasons 1) because maybe you are crazy or 2) because he doesn't even know about these yet (unless he's reading this web story, too).The $409.99 to $429.99 (price not set yet) boot, along with the $269.99 Comp-2 (sharing the Pro 2.1 improved buckle system) won't be available in the U.S. until late 2010.There are a lot of boot choices out there but TCX's Pro 2.1 is your pick if you're looking for a hinged, inner-bootied, traditional soled, lightweight, top-end boot. Or if you name is Taddy Blazusiak.TCX also makes a Trials boot, the Terrain 2, seen here. No word if it will make it into the States this year or next, but demand will determine that decision. So if you ride trials, or use a trails boot for your mini bike riding, or just want to make two really cool looking lamps, get to your local dealer and ask for it, or e-mail