Letter of the Week: Off-Road Shooter - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hi, my name is Thomas Hamilton. On your front cover on the April 2010 issue, you have an OFF-ROAD SEARCH. I didn't pay any attention to it until about a week later it hit me that I didn't read about any KDX 200's. What I think you are looking for is the KDX200 engines inside of custom made bikes. The first being Karlsen Racing's KDF200 and the second is Jason Naughton's RMX200. It's great to see people using their talents to build bikes that are purpose built and meet their needs. I feel that they both picked a great engine that has proven durability and excess aftermarket parts are easy to come by. Glad to see that a privateer can compete with the big boys on a homemade bike. If I had more time on my hands and weren't deployed all the time, I would love to build something like Jason Naughton's bike. It may not be the cheapest or quickest way to get what you want, but it will definitely be one of a kind. I'm leaning towards getting a two smoke next and the new KTM 150 and Husky 125 are at the top of my list. My last deployment to Iraq I tried to talk my commander into letting me load a DRZ125L into the container. Imagine how that would turn out. Soldier killed in combat on a dirt bike! Not very good. Maybe next time.Thomas P. Hamilton


E Co. 1/212 AVN

"Crusaders"_Hopefully you shoot quicker than you catch on to our funny little cover games, but off-axis humor doesn't always jump out at you. Like an enemy. Thanks for your hard work for our country and shouldn't we just turn Iraq into a giant dirt-bike park? At least in the cooler months?** -Jimmy Lewis**_