Ramsey Dominates The Pit - Dirt Rider Magazine

April 24/25, 2010

By: Barri Mulkey

The forth round of the 2010 Moose/Pirelli/DrD./Rekluse TCCRA series was another success with 392 racers. Todd Broom promoted Race 3804 at The Pit in Terrell, Texas. The 10 mile track was a perfect design, with something for everybody. With the heavy rains Friday night Saturday practice was delayed until noon, so the track workers could clean up the track and allow it to dry. The track was comprised of a great blend of hard straightaways, sandy corners and a slick tight woods section. The motocross track was perfect with just the right amount of moisture in it for traction but not too slick.The racing started on Saturday with the Pee Wee's. The track was 1.5 mile long with a tight tree section followed by a straightaway's rattled with rocks and telephone poles. The class of the field was Austin McKinney Z63 winning the expert 65cc class in dominating fashion. The overall 50cc winner was Stetson Schmidt. The race of the Pee Wee program was the 65cc amateur class. There was a 3 way battle between Jason Mason Z657, Ross Moncrief, Z682 and Andrew Garrett Z655. The lead changing on almost every lap Mason out lasted his opponents to win by just seconds.The first race of Sunday was the Amateur program with once again John Hellam N610 winning the Factory Performance Racing Overall Amateur Award in the Open Amateur class. In dominate fashion SMS Racing Sponsored Josh Woessner N317 dominated the intermediate program to win the intermediate overall. The race of the amateur program was once again the Lites Amateur program with LCS Sponsored Cody Waits J688 outlasting Andrew Joyner J640 for the win. Other notables were Mark Scherer X617, David Sabella E650 and Earl Walker S626.The second race of the day was the Ladies/ Mini program. The dominate race of the day was in the ladies expert class between Factory Performance Racing / Thomas Agency/PowerBar sponsored Jordan Milbauer L98 and Hannah Otto L99. They had an epic battle leaving the rest of the Ladies expert class in the dust, with Jordan outlasting Hannah on the last lap for the win.The third race on Sunday was the Expert Program. Scott Bailey X19 won the Factory Performance Racing overall Expert Award in the over 30 Expert Class. SMS Racing/MSR Caleb Ramsey put on a clinic in the TCCRA Pro class winning by 3:00 minutes. Motorcrosser Sean Hackley P89 put in a good race finishing 2nd just in front of 3rd place Cameron Ishmael P16. Tyler Rawlings T3 and David Lucas T27 had great race with Tyler holding off David for the win. Other Notables were Jeremy Huddleston J64 winning the Lite Experts class and Colby Bollin N32 winning the heavy Class.The next race is at the I-35 in Thackerville Ok on 5/8-5/9.

3804 Terrell Results:


1. C. Ramsey P1, 2. S. Hackley P89, 3. C. Ishmael P16, 4. A. Henderson P65, 5. C. Bailey P19Open Expert:

1. C. Bolling N32, 2. J. Hill N45, 3. C. Storrie N75, 4. C, Vrzak N44, 5. T. Wall N2Open Intermediate:

1. J. Woessner N317, 2. M. Tierney N374, 3. C. Gray N344, 4. C. Webb N376, 5. N, Laskowski N372Open Amateur:

1. J. Hellam, N610, 2. J. Kuehnhold N617, 3. H. Bruce N672, 4. K. Lane N686, 5. T. Baucom N665Heavy Expert:

1. T Rawlings, T3, 2. D. Lucas T27. 3. J Gryder T2, 4. L Humphries T66, 5. B Nichols T44Heavy Intermediate:

1. C Alcorn T327, 2. J Harris T362, 3. C Irvin T333, 4. R Ledoux T377, 5. J Brewer T365Heavy Amateur

1. A Gerber T671, 2. A Brent T624, 3. J Peace T636, 4. T Castleberg T636, 5. J Watson T676Lite Expert:

1. J Huddleston J64, 2. R McKinney J27, 3. R Miller T3, 4. J McCawley J15, 5. Z Holt J17Lite Intermediate

1. B Henderson J322, 2. T Keffer J372, 3. D Allen J320, 4. C Mason J357, 5. C Rawlings J326Lite Amateur

1. C Waits J688, 2. A Joyner J640, 3. J Mosley J611, 4. D Addy J607, 5. I Campbell J673Sportsman A:

1. P Estes A36Sportsman B

1. S Patterson B 28, 2. A Beavers B18, 3. J Burnap B50, 4. C Hearn B99, 5. D Burnap B40Over 30 Expert:

1. S Bailey X19, 2. J Newman X2, 3. T Tarver X90, 4. B Mosley X47, 5. M Vrzak X99Over 30 Intermediate:

1. M Ashley X364, 2. J Nicholes X338, 3. D Addy X337 4. T Bonham X327, 5. S Hammond X316Over 30 Amateur Class:

1. M Scherer X617, 2. C Kelly X612, 3. J Root X623, 4. L Montgomery X625, 5. J Barnes X641Over 40 Expert Class:

1. R Jennings E44, 2. D Vantilburg E27, 3. J Wall E 48, 4. C Miller E18, 5. M Wilbanks E24Over 40 Intermediate Class:

1. R Janzen E340, 2. J Robinson E388, 3. T Moncrief E369, 4. S Thompson E399, 5. D Schmidt E357Over 40 Amateur Class:

1. D Sabella E350, 2. C Brown E678, 3. L Reeves E614, 4. B Roten E620, 5. B Milligan E688Over 50 Expert Class:

1. G Boyett G1, 2. G Walkup Y77, 3. L Hunter Y41, 4. M Gibson, Y22, 5. S Pulsifer Y22Over 50 Intermediate Class:

1. J Byus Y338, 2. D Maples Y334, 3. Nitro Y311, 4. R Donald Y348, 5. S Roberts Y304Over 50 Amateur

1. J leuthesser Y647 2. K Prather Y625, 3. M Bivona Y625, 4. J Johns Y619, 5. G Minnick Y636Over 60 Intermediate

1. R martin S360, 2. D Burnap S340, 3. J Davenport S318, 4. B Miller S313, 5. D Card S336Over 60 SV

1. E Walker S626, 2. D Cannon S614, 3. J Gentry S641Mini Expert

1. Z Watson, M31, 2. Blake Matthews, M13, 3. L Teter M45, 4. E Wade, M69, 5. W Callahan, M91Mini Intermediate

1. D Higgins, M385, 2. T Threadgill M354, 3. H Barnes M341, 4. B Otto M390, 5. T Aldridge M386Mini Amateur

1. E Lucas M627, 2. A Landers M616, 3. H Dunn M643, 4. C Threadgill M654, 5. C Clark M665Ladies Expert

1. J Milbauer L98, 2. H Otto L99, 3. C Estes L36, 4. D Mulkey L22 5. A Wilky L42Ladies Intermediate

1. C McMillion L397, 2. C James L323, 3. M Nicholes L332, 4. R Downing L314, 5. T Mullins L357Ladies Amateur

1. V Abrantes L632, 2. S Clark L617, 3. B Lowrimore L 698, 4. R Donald L699, 5. S Root L623Ladies Over 30 Intermediate

1. T Tarver, W390, 2. R Mercer W318, 3. A Kuehold W315, 4. I Lucas W327Ladies Over 30 Amateur

1. K McManaman W312, 2. E Freeman W641, 3. K Hatton W638, 4. L Powell W611, 5. C Benson W637Pee Wee 65cc Expert

1. A McKinney, Z63, 2. C Tarver Z90, 3. G Kersey Z19, 4. D Dowd Z99, 5. C Kuehnhold Z17Pee Wee 65cc Intermediate

1. C Reeves Z370, 2. T Barton Z331, 3. Z Roundtree Z325, 4. T Kohls Z366, 5. J Hoffman Z321Pee Wee 65cc Amateur

1. J Mason Z657, 2. R Moncrief Z682, 3. A Garrett Z655, 4. K Adams Z616, 5. C Fleet Z620Pee Wee 65cc 4 Stroke Amateur

1. A Dunlap Z851, 2. J Welty Z814, 3. A Houston, Z851, 4. A White Z888, 5. M Vrzak Z899Pee Wee 50cc Expert

1. Stetson K95, 2. C Coughin K15, 3. B Tschoerner K42Pee Wee 50cc Intermediate

1. M Wiggins 1PW, 2. M Vrzak K399Pee Wee 50cc Amateur

1. C Addy K637, 2. B Poirier K658Pee Wee 50cc 6 and Under

1. T Bridges K860, 2. K Anthony K833, 3. R Vrzak K822, 4. P Roundtree K825, 5. J Taylor K850