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The Sidi building's façade...

Dino Signori worked for a shoe company in the Italian region of Veneto, an area synonymous with quality footwear production, from the age of ten. At the end of his teenage years he was designing new models, and at twenty five he applied his own innovations to ski and climbing boots. His employer wasn't interested in producing ski boots, so Dino borrowed a Vespa scooter from his sister and started showing his models around.

... Matches the mountain horizon it faces.

Working out of his parents' kitchen and his bedroom, with nothing more than ingenuity, craft skills, and revolutionary designs, the Sidi boot company was born. It was 1960.Soon the first Sidi facility opened shop-in an old stable. A few years later, with a couple employees and the help of his wife, the stable was traded for a modest 400 square meter factory.In 1969 ski boot production was joined by MX and street bike boots, and four years later bicycling shoes were in and the ski boots were left in the dust.

The man who made it all happen. Dino Signori.

What started in a kitchen in Northern Italy is now a worldwide company with over 250 employees. MX boots today are produced mostly in the company's Romanian factory, but the Crossfire SRS boots (and other models when production runs require it) are made here, in the current Italian facility in Maser that has housed the company since 2007.

It all started with a ski boot. Dino invented the rear-entry ski boot.
Top Sidi riders get their own custom foot molds. Stefan Everts won ten World Championships in Sidi boots.
This is the 1953 Vespa scooter Dino used to personally deliver his early climbing shoe orders. It looks ready to go if a rush order comes in.
These are boots. How's that for investigative journalism!
How It's Made Each boot bottom starts out as this inner sole slapped to a size-specific foot mold.
Glue is applied to the inside of the boot's upper...
Bruno pulls the leather tight and staples it down to the inner sole.
Then this machine (obviously a Transformer waiting to be called into action) presses the leather down for a snug fit.
Then Maurizio pulls out the staples Bruno just put in. So in a way, Maurizio spends all day un-doing Bruno's work.
We figured they'd be bitter rivals, but they seeemed to get along. Dangerous tools will do that.
The soles are slathered with one type of glue...
The boot bottoms get another glue...
The foot mold finally comes out. The whole boot is built around the ideal foot shape.
Protection plates go on.
Then the boots go through quality control. All boots coming from Romania are also unboxed and hand inspected.
These are either props for "Saw 6" or pattern cutters for boot uppers.
Devis is Lino's protege. It's refreshing to see craft and tradition passed on.
Sidi already has hovercraft boots for riders of the future. Watch for DR's 2089 1.21 gigawatt hovercraft shootout!
Conference room. The guys in charge of the right boots sit on the right and the guys in charge of the left boots sit on the left. Just kidding, the guys in charge of the left boots have their own conference room.
Dino Signori is still making his mark on the world... every time you put on your Sidi boots and walk to your bike.