Best In Show - Indy 2010

The 2010 Dealer Expo, where companies show off their wares to US dealers, just wrapped up and Dirt Rider was there in Indianapolis walking the convention hall floor just for you. We gathered up information on all the new products on display and picked our favorites. So here you have it, the coolest goodies from the Indy show, without so much as a blister, sore foot, or airline delay...FIRST PLACE - Xtrig preload adjusterThis is one of those 'a-ha' devices where you see it and instantly kick yourself for not thinking it up yourself. The Xtrig replaces your shock's two preload adjuster collars with a single collar then moves up or down the shock threads with the twist of an easy-to-reach bolt. That means with a t-handle and about three seconds you can adjust your shock's sag throughout its entire range. At $149.99, it may at first sound like a high buy-in to simplify an adjustment you make, what, maybe once when you get your bike and then again each time you get your suspension serviced? But your bike's race sag is a critical tuning component and the one that should be dialed in to the riding conditions before any others. We all know that, but when it comes to tuning your bike out at the track or trail, it's more likely you're going to grab a screwdriver and start with the clickers, because that's easier than banging out the preload rings and twisting the spring. Well, not anymore. The Xtrig makes sag adjustment (get that, it's an adjustment, not a setting) as quick and easy as clicking a compression adjuster. The Xtrig wins as our 'best of show' for making sag adjustment for the average guy as quick as it is for a factory racer. You just turn a t-handle rather than complain to your factory mechanic. or 909.949.4155.SECOND PLACE - Twin Air Oil Cooler

What could be cooler than an oil cooler? Twin Air has been protecting your engine from the outside for years with their air filters and air filter oils, and now they're going to protect your engine from the inside. Heat can stress engine components and break down oil. Twin Air's oil cooler increases capacity and runs that critical motor-blood through a radiator to give it a break from your engine's heat. Imagine how much better you'd perform if you got to rest after every mile. Same goes for your oil. PLACE - EVS RS-8 knee brace

You don't think about your knees much until your boot hits you in the face, then you think, 'Man, a knee brace would have really come in handy.' They say dress for the crash, not the ride, and EVS's all-new brace makes that easier with what looks to be a comfortable brace (it more flexible than their Web carbon brace) at a much more comfortable price. Just $349.00 for the pair and you've done your part to protect your knees. www.evs-sports.comBEST BUZZ - KALI Prana and Prana Carbon helmet

The Indy show foot traffic was down the year from years past, but you'd never know it from the Kali booth. With a promotion successfully drawing dealers over and the new Prana helmets ($379.00 to $449.00) on display, the booth was abuzz with... buzz. The helmets feature a conical (pronounced "Bart Simpson hair") EPS foam fused with a second foam density, designed to help disperse impacts. The helmet was surprisingly light, but the samples on hand were not "DOT approved" models (they were ECE (The European standard) approved) so were not the models that will eventually reach the shelves in the States. DOT certification is being met with a US spec helmet that should be available in May. or 888.PRO.KALI.Not enough for you? What? A whole convention hall of cool stuff and you're not happy with four? Well, lucky for you I like to talk about myself, and like to write about myself even more. For a look at more cool products and and a few cool sights from the show floor, check out my blog