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I have a Honda CR250R, 2002 mod (yeah it is quite old) but still run very good. Gassing the bike on 5 gear on a straight, the bike is very jumpy and is difficult to hold on. What settings can I change on the bike?Martin James
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_I've just finished up prepping a 2001 Honda for a major race, and my first recommendation would be that you make sure that all the suspension components are performing as they should. I think it is highly likely, given the age of the bike, that the shock, fork, swing arm pivot or linkage bearings need attention. In particular, the shock bladder, shock bump rubber and nitrogen pressure will all be suspect unless the shock has been upgraded. The same is true of the fork. It could need bushings, a cartridge rod seal or other parts, and this is assuming that the fork and shock oil has been kept fresh. If not, before you worry about settings, you need to have the fork and shock serviced, and at minimum clean and grease all the pivots. Then you can start to worry about settings. Once the bike is up to spec and you are sure the suspension is functioning properly, this is the range of suspension settings our riders liked when the bike was new:__-Fork compression: between 13 and 18 clicks out (turn the adjuster in all the way, but don't force it, then turn the adjuster out to the setting).
-Fork rebound: 15
-Shock low-speed compression: 3 to 6 clicks out
-Shock Hi-speed compression: 1 & 5/8ths turns out to 2 turns out
-Shock rebound: 7 to 9 clicks out.__A setting within these ranges worked for our guys. I'd start with the softest settings (the highest numbers) and work in.** -Karel Kramer**_