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Riders in Southern California not only have a 12-month riding year, they have a wide variety of tracks to choose from as well. There is not one day, or even night, that prepped, moist moto-dirt is unavailable for their roosting pleasure. Whether you are a SoCal local looking for the straight scoop or one of the faithful looking to make a pilgrimage to a moto Mecca, we have the goods.Editor's Note
One of the most common requests we get at the Dirt Rider office concerns places to ride. This story is the first in what will hopefully become a series on great tracks and riding areas. For this series, we plan to go straight to the experts: those who use the tracks and riding areas.Our staff has expert opinions on the tracks here in Southern California, so this guide deals with all of the best tracks we have available. In addition to the usual information, we're including candid remarks for every track we have personally visited. Soon, we will complete our SoCal tour with a story about off-road riding areas, and these stories will set the format we're looking for in sharing the nation's favorite tracks and off-road riding areas.We're handling SoCal because we have local knowledge here. You are an expert about your own riding areas and tracks. If you want to see them featured in DR, get some good, high-quality shots, dig up the required information, put it in this format and send just the text (huge photos back up our email system) and your contact info to us at to consider for coverage of your area. There are tons of riders out there who really want to know what you know.

AV Motoplex
Location/address: 4551 Avenue H, Lancaster, CA 93536
Contact: 661.723.0773;
Number of tracks: One for big bikes and one for Pee Wees.
Facilities: Concessions, some parts, portable toilets, bike wash area, RV park with hookups next door.
Cost: $25, $15 Pee Wee
Hours: Check calendar page on website.
Track personnel: Flaggers, EMTs on busy practice days.Description of facility: The AV Motoplex track is located on a large, flat dirt area between the 14 Freeway and the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds. The track strongly resembles a tame SX track but does do a great job of making a fun and interesting course without natural terrain to work with. Watering is with hoses. Wind can be a problem that the locals have learned to deal with. Getting there early can help avoid the wind.
Dirt Rider says:_ "I call this track ATV Furyplex because it reminds me of the video game of a similar name. There are no elevation changes, the corners are all identical, it never gets rough and the jumps are super fun. For the most part, the laps are fairly long and you can find some fun, flowing lines right after the dirt has been ripped. If you're coming down to SoCal from up north, you should at least swing in and check this place out."_ --Chris Denison
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: YesAdelanto Motoplex
Location/address: 8687 Rancho Road, Adelanto, CA 92301
Contact: 805.791.0981
Number of tracks: Three; the main, a vet and a mini track.
Facilities: Some concrete slab parking, portable toilets, bike wash spot, parts shop coming.
Cost: $15 for big bikes, $10 for small bikes. Call for family and carpool rates.
Hours: Saturday 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., Sunday 7:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Some weekdays when school is out.
Track personnel: Usually EMTDescription of facility: 40 acres of what used to be flat desert, but a large man-made hill runs through the property so the track actually has some elevation change. Soil conditions range from soft sand to packed soil.
Dirt Rider says:_ "This track has some very sandy sections, and the sandy areas are deeper and softer than most SoCal tracks, so there are some cool berms. The elevation changes are fun, and the highlight is a 95-foot jump across the top of the man-made hill dividing the property. Being able to pit on cement is nice as well."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Competitive Edge
Location/address: Hesperia, CA 92345
Contact: 909.456.1070;
Number of tracks: Six. The national track is over two miles long and it is a fast, mostly natural-terrain layout with some man-made jumps. There is a vet/beginner track that is shorter and slower, a mini track and a Pee Wee track. There is also a pro supercross track available for AMA or FIM pro license holders, as well as a fun "hill side" track.
Facilities: Portable toilets, bike wash, snack bar and camping
Cost: $20
Hours: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; Sunday practice 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Track personnel: FlaggersDescription of facility: Comp Edge is located on a hill next to a desert valley, so the facility has plenty of terrain variations and dirt that holds water well.
Dirt Rider says:_ "Competitive Edge MX Park is one of those tracks you can see from the highway. And it looks soooooo cool as you drive by! It almost sucks you in. The facility has tracks for everyone, and the main track layout can be one of the longest in SoCal. The desert dirt is perfect when the water trucks are on their game, and there are plenty of big-air opportunities for those who love to fly. This open, fast layout is one of the newer tracks in California, and its popularity should ensure its longevity. Great parking and nice views of the track from the pits are some serious parent-level perks."_ --Jesse Ziegler
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes
Location/address: Quail Canyon Special Use Area, Gorman, CA 93243
Contact: 818.700.3559;
Number of tracks: Three. There is the long main track, a mini track complete with a hill and elevation change and a small Pee Wee track.
Facilities: Bathrooms and vending. A large metal building provides shade in the summer, a place out of the cold in winter, real bathrooms and a few tables and chairs.
Cost: $25
Hours: Thursday 9 a.m. to dusk; weekends 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. But be sure to check the website for race conflicts.
Track personnel: Flaggers and EMTDescription of facility: The track is a fairly fast and flowing layout with some elevation changes. The track surface ranges from loam and sand but is mostly considered a hard-pack surface. I-5 has a fun mini track that is great for learning riders. It sometimes runs GP-style off-road races that include the MX track area.Dirt Rider says:_ "This hardpack track is a playground for a large part of the moto industry located in the Valencia area and gets hyper active in the summer afternoons where the 3500-foot elevation provides a slight break from the scorching L.A. temperatures. Trail riding in the surrounding state OHV park is available for those riders fulfilling the requirements."_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Cahuilla Creek
Location/address: 50100 Highway 371, Anza, CA 92539
Contact: 951.926.4646;
Number of tracks: Three; a main/pro track, a vet track and a 65/85cc track.
Facilities: Portable toilets
Cost: $20, military discounts available
Hours: Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (unless otherwise specified on the track calendar)
Track personnel: FlaggersDescription of facility: Rolling hills and decomposed granite soil make for great natural-terrain-style tracks. Not too many technical jumps. This track gets rough and is a good suspension test. Cahuilla Creek is a trek from almost anywhere, but most riders find it worth the drive.
Dirt Rider says:_ "This track is a secret favorite to a lot of us on staff and has the potential to keep you smiling through the next week at work. The layout is hill-laden with rolling uphills and descents that sway well with the natural landscape. Jumps are fun and safe with more of the technical obstacles directed at those who are sharp with their line selection and confident in choosing the smooth way around the track. Lap times are long enough for pro-level practice. The only drawbacks to Cahuilla are the drive and spotty watering techniques on hot days (think: puddle-dust-puddle). For an uncrowded, stressless moto day that lets you concentrate on your riding, Cahuilla is a solid choice."_ --Jesse Ziegler
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Rentals available Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of every week during the year.Glen Helen Raceway Park
Location/address: Part of the Glen Helen Regional Parks and Recreation Area, 18585 Verdemont Ranch Road, San Bernardino, CA 92407
Contact: 909.384.3942; info line 909.880.3090;
Number of tracks: Three; a main national track, a shorter REM track and a mini play track.
Facilities: Bathrooms, concessions, camping for self-contained RVs, bike wash area, grandstands for main track
Cost: $20
Hours: Practice 8 a.m. to dusk Thursdays; 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays without race conflicts; Sunday practice when there are no race conflicts. Check website.
Track personnel: NoneDescription of facility: Glen Helen is located on 256 acres of county property. The track is up against a hill, so there are elevation changes. In addition to virtually weekly MX racing, GH holds grand prix and endurance events. It is also the location of an AMA national motocross.
Dirt Rider says:_ "Hit Glen Helen right before or any time during the Outdoor Nationals on a Thursday and you are in for a star-filled moto experience, the riders are testing like mad here. And yes, you can walk right up and say, "Hi" and maybe get an autograph. The major events are well run and hyper-competitive, and the Saturday REM MX is, in contrast, the most fun and laid-back MX known to man. Just watch out for quads on practice days!"_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Lake Elsinore MX Park
Location/address: 31919 Cereal Street, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530
Contact: 951.553.3227;
Number of tracks: Seven. There are two types on mini tracks, the main track, a track to hold races on and other milder tracks. Not all tracks are open every day, so check the schedule on the website to make sure the track you want is open.
Facilities: Portable toilets
Cost: $20
Hours: 8 a.m. to dusk
Track personnel: Flaggers and EMTsDescription of facility: Lake Elsinore MX Park is located on a dry part of the Lake Elsinore lake bed. The track surface is hard clay. The facility is open 364 days a year (closed Christmas), and while there are seven tracks, not all tracks are open every day. Check the website for track schedule and race conflicts.
Dirt Rider says:_ "The main track is for serious jumpers, but there are plenty of other tracks to cater to all levels of riders. The dirt is hard clay and is as slippery as ice after watering; take water breaks seriously!"_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: Yes, $20 a year.
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: NoL.A. County Raceway
Location/address: 6850 E. Avenue T, Palmdale, CA 93552
Contact: 661.272.8889;
Number of tracks: Three. There is a small mini track, and the main track area is broken up into two separate tracks for practice days. Each track is then scheduled for different groups; for example, vets on one track and younger riders on the other. The schedule changes, so each group of riders gets time on both tracks. Minis also have scheduled time on both big tracks.
Facilities: Concessions for food and parts, grandstands, portable toilets, bike wash area, tables
Cost: $25 to practice, $35 to race
Hours: Summer sees Wednesday night practice, Saturday night races. Winter sees Saturday practice, Sunday races and practice.
Track personnel: Ambulance, EMTs and flaggersDescription of facility: LACR is the home of the California Racing Club, A Day in the Dirt and great GP-style events.
Dirt Rider says:_ "LACR was originally a flat, desert terrain track, but the track now uses a large pit to add acreage and really fun elevation changes including some ultra-fun downhill and uphill jumps utilizing the steep sides of the pit. LACR has some of the best dirt in SoCal, and the layout is generally fun and safe. Some of the sections are extremely high-speed. Wind can be a problem for riders who aren't from the desert."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: Yes. A year is $35, but a one-day membership is $5.
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Milestone Ranch MX Park
Location/address: 12685 Holly Street, Riverside, CA 92509
Contact: 951.686.4669;
Number of tracks: Five. The tracks range from national level to more easily managed circuits. There is a great mini track and a mellow Pee Wee course.
Facilities: Portable toilets, bike wash area, tables with shade and lawn. Parts shop and concessions some days.
Cost: $25
Hours: Open 7 days a week, but hours are different for some tracks, so check the website. Some tracks are open at night to ride under the lights.
Track personnel: EMT and flaggersDescription of facility: Milestone is a 55-acre park on flat ground. The layouts are on the jumpy side, but it is easy to find a track for riders of any skill level.
Dirt Rider says:_ "This is a favorite for a quick hit near the L.A. metro area. Any time around Outdoor National season, Wednesday is the day to hit it for pro sighting when Milestone combines two of their tracks, rips them deep and lets only pros and intermediate riders out. And there is still another track for big bikes to ride!"_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: Yes, $35 dollars a year.
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: YesPerris Raceway
Location/address: 1205 Burton Road, Perris, CA 92570
Contact: 951.657.7441;
Number of tracks: Two. There is the main motocross track and a separate mini/Pee Wee/pitbike track.
Facilities: Portable toilets, concessions, patio with tables, some covered shade areas, bike wash area
Cost: $25 per rider on the main track, $15 per rider on the Pee Wee track. No spectator fees on practice days.
Hours: See calendar at
Track personnel: Flaggers and EMTsDescription of facility: Perris Raceway is the oldest motorcycle track in operation in California.
Dirt Rider says:_ "The area has some elevation change, and the dirt generally offers excellent traction. The layout is changed fairly often, and the track caters to pros without being too extreme for the average rider. Since the track faces dust restrictions, count on a course that is always watered. Lots of big-name pros ride here for practice in the morning sessions. This facility is also the home of Sbastien Tortelli's Champ Factory motocross school."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Piru MX
Location/address: 4375 Center Street, Piru, CA, 93040
Contact: 805.521.0515;
Number of tracks: Two; a main track for bikes over 85cc and a mini track for bikes under 150cc.
Facilities: Shade trees, hose, portable toilets, snacks, minimal parts
Cost: $15 for bikes under 80cc, $25 for big bikes; $5 off for military, police, fire or riders with Moto XXX graphics
Hours: 8:30 a.m. to dusk Monday and Wednesday; 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends. Check phone message on the night before practice days for up-to-date information. Track closes for a one-hour lunch for flaggers.
Track personnel: FlaggersDescription of facility: Piru MX is carved from old lemon groves, and the area has plenty of elevation changes. Lap times are approximately two minutes for faster riders. The soil is prepped hardpack that gives good traction. A variety of old-growth trees offer shade in parts of the pits.
Dirt Rider says:_ "Piru does a great job of prepping and watering the hard-pack soil it has to work with. When the track first opens, the surface is deep and slippery, but it lines up nicely with enough riders. The track is jumpy but is usually a very rider-friendly layout. The track is most fun on smaller bikes (125s and 250Fs). Like Gorman, it is a hot spot for the moto industry and luckily gets a cooler ocean breeze sometimes during the hot summer."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: YesAvailable for private rentals: YesRacetown 395
Location/address: 1101 Race Road, Adelanto, CA 92301
Contact: 760.246.6330;
Number of tracks: Four. There is a long, fast and rough main track, a vet/novice track, a mini track and a lighted StadiumCross track.
Facilities: Portable toilets, free camping, food concessions on race days
Cost: $20
Hours: Monday through Thursday 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. on StadiumCross track; Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8 a.m. until dusk on all tracks; StadiumCross track until 10 p.m. Visit website to double-check times.
Track personnel: Flaggers and EMTs on race daysDescription of facility: This track is on open desert land, with some minor elevation change thanks to imported soil. The dirt holds water well, and preps up deep and loamy. The main track is somewhat fast with a flowing layout. The vet track is generally harder packed and less prepped than the main track. The StadiumCross track is open into the evenings under the lights, and it is super tight but fun. Racetown hosts a few grand prix-style races as well.
Dirt Rider says:_ "This is Dirt Rider's favorite track for shootouts since it has a lot to offer when testing bikes. Wind can be a factor, but one baseline we've come to live by when given the choice is, if it is blowing at Glen Helen, it is likely calm in the high desert. And when we go up there, we go to Racetown for one of the best all-around tracks we've ridden."_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Yes

Starwest MX
Location/address: 18700 Lake Perris Drive, Perris, CA 92571
Contact: 951.943.4535;
Number of tracks: Two; a stadium-inspired main track and a mini track.
Facilities: Portable toilets, concessions on busy days, grandstand seating
Cost: $20
Hours: 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily
Track personnel: EMT and flaggersDescription of facility: Starwest is a relatively small facility with no real elevation changes.
Dirt Rider says:_ "Starwest does a lot with the ground available. The venue offers an amazing opportunity to ride day or night every day. The track is prepped twice daily. Being flat, the track is comprised of stadium-inspired obstacles. There are weekly races in addition to visiting series races."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: Only for races
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: YesRidgecrest Motorsports
Location/address: 520 S. Richmond Road, Ridgecrest, CA, 93555
Contact: 760.375.8000;
Number of tracks: Three. There is a large main track, a mini track and a Pee Wee track.
Facilities: Bathrooms, RV park
Cost: $20
Hours: Every other weekend. Check schedule on website for specific days.
Track personnel: Flaggers and EMTs for race daysDescription of facility: This is a largely flat desert parcel of 25 acres that was formerly a miniature golf course. There is not much elevation change, but the desert soil holds water well.
Dirt Rider says:_ "The Ridgecrest track is located on an old miniature golf course, but as fun as that sounds, the track is really just flat desert terrain. Unlike some other flat areas, Ridgecrest doesn't go crazy with jumps to make up for a lack of terrain features. Most of the jumps are tabletops or reasonable doubles. Despite the desert dirt, the jump faces and straights have a firm surface, but the turns get some big sand berms. Since getting there is a pretty serious drive, generally the track isn't crowded, and that could make it worth the drive."_ --Karel Kramer
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: YesCal City MX Park
Location/address: 24510 168th Street, California City, CA 93505
Contact: 760.977.9774;
Number of tracks: One main track and one mini/Pee Wee track.
Facilities: Portable toilets, snack bar, parts shop, picnic tables, fire hose-style watering.
Cost: $25
Hours: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Track personnel: EMT and flaggersDescription of facility: The main track consists of jumps ranging from 10-110 feet. Tabletops, doubles, rhythm sections, swooping berms, whoops, step-ups, step-downs and a few other surprises are included. Off-camber spots and natural terrain are utilized in the track design. Lap times are over two minutes depending on your level of riding. Track soil is made up of sand, decomposed granite and some clay. The facility's most important objectives are to maintain a properly groomed and watered track.
Dirt Rider says:_ "Strange that you park out in the desert and ride into the track, but if you hit Cal City on a wind-free day, you are in for a fun and air-filled moto experience. With miles of trail riding galore right out the gate you can mix desert and moto in your ride day for sure."_ --Jimmy Lewis
Membership required: No
Are there races at the facility: Yes
Available for private rentals: Rental on days not open to public.


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