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Big Boy Tire Swap
I know you guys don't do much with enduro info, but I am looking for some information on how and where to store a spare tire tube on my bike for enduros. I have a tool bag on my rear fender, but there isn't enough room in there. What do the big boys do?
JamesThe "big boys" can't afford to stop and change a tire during a race, so they make efforts to ensure they don't get a flat. Those precautions range from super thick tubes like the Bridgestone ones that are four millimeters thick to Tire Balls, Tubeless systems and foam inserts. If they get a flat, they would ride with it until they see their support crew. If we carry a tube we generally use a tube bag (Moose or MSR and others offer them) that attaches to the front fender. I personally don't like what the tube on the front fender does to the handling, so I loop the tube over the belt of my fanny pack, then put a couple of loops of tape around it so it can't come off the belt. -Karel Kramer