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Wanted: Riding Buddies
I am fairly new to MX, however I have been riding street bikes for about 5 years. Many of the traits transfer from each sport and I have advanced quickly with riding dirt bikes. My interests are to race and very much have the desire to be a great rider and beat great riders. However, I do not have an "in" to the sport if you will. I have no one to push me or show me the ropes in the MX world or introduce me to the familiars of a professional/ amateur track. I am 25 years young and am ready to learn the ropes and as a rookie kick some serious rear end. You guys all seem like great people and I love the way you write and respond to your readers, its always sincere. What would you guys suggest I do? My ideal situation would be to spend a weekend with a rider on a track. Anyway, I hope this email finds you, thanks for reading if it does!Paul
Boise, ID
You're on the right track. If you have a bike and a track to ride on, go there as often as you can. You'll likely meet a group of strangers that quickly become some of your closest riding friends. Another great place to network for MX help is your local dealership. There is always good information available from the guys and gals buying or selling motorcycles. I'd introduce you to my friends in Boise, but I'm not sure they'd claim me as their friend so you're on your own.-Jesse Ziegler