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Rhyme Time
I've written several letters over the past couple of weeks concerning the ban on kids' bikes due to lead content. I got tired of writing negative letters and decided to write a poem instead. I thought this might catch their attention better than a letter:On any Sunday you can bet they'll be there
With a herd of iron ponies they've chosen with care
Moms and Dads with their children in tow
This family tradition must continue to growThe world that we live in is all full of menace
It's the kids who will end up paying a penance
For your knee jerk reaction to a dubious issue
From our point of view you folks haven't a clueIt isn't your place to interfere with our sport
Your misguided efforts once again fall short
Dirt bikes and kids are an American tradition
Whose future shouldn't hinge upon your permission.Chris Carragher
Kingston, NY_Nice rhyme, Chris! The lead ban is certainly a big mess, and I think that every voice helps in the matter (and, from the looks of things, progress is being made). Your poem definitely meets the issue head-on. But have you considered putting this into rap form? In my opinion, spitting some lyrics may be one of the most effective ways of conveying your beliefs. You're already from a legit "rap" state, so all you need know is a moniker, an attitude and some bling-bling to really let those suits in DC know what the score is! Stay real, homie. -Chris Denison_