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Clean as a Whistle
I'm 13 years old and I ride a 2008 DR-Z 125. Lately I've been riding in a lot of mud. My bike is always chocked full of mud. I clean it after every ride but still there are places that are filled with mud, and it doesn't want to come off of my plastics either. I use Greased Lightning and Armor All to shine up my plastics but that isn't good enough, and my tire often gets filled with dirt and mud and I get no traction. What is the best way to clean your bike up thoroughly with out messing around so much with the plastics, pipe and interior parts, and what is the best cleaner to use?Kyle Taylor
Windsor Massachusetts
I have one word. Pressure washer. OK, that's two, so the second one if free...Then learn what needs to be greased on a regular basis. Water finds its way into everything, yes, even through the mud when riding! -Jimmy Lewis