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Dirt Rider teaches you how to customize your Honda CRF EFI Tuning Tool connections for ultimate trackside tuningThe future is here. Zeros and ones have replaced round brass thingies with holes in them and we might as well get used to it. The best way to feel comfortable in this world of wires and electronic gadgets is to take them apart like true motocross people and find a way to make them work better.The Honda EFI Tuning Tool is pretty simple, but the system's wiring harness requires you to remove your seat and subframe to plug it in. That makes for some seriously unnecessary tool time. But there is a solution. With a few genuine Honda wire pin connectors, you can bypass the seat-tank ritual and have an ultra-trick, one-plug tuning port easily accessed from the outside.You're done! Now you can plug your bike into your very own factory tuning super computer.If you have no idea how to tune your CRF450R, don't worry; we'll have the full story on fuel injection tuning in the pages of Dirt Rider soon.

First, you need to locate the red plug where the frame and subframe join under the seat. This little guy can be taped down to the wiring harness so look closely. Grab him and make sure sits as this photo shows.
See that white plug next to the frame with the black and green wire stuck in it? Well, with the Honda EFI Tuning Tool, that plug is replaced with an identical plug wired into the tool's harness. Why? Because someone out there doesn't want the fuel pump to turn on when you're making adjustments. It's an over-safe safety switch and we're bypassing it. In reality, the fuel pump will only be on for a few seconds while we're uploading or reading from the system and no harm can come from it.
Here's what the Honda EFI Tuning Tool looks like when it plugs into the bike. As you can see, the clear plug next to the frame is replaced with an identical clear plug wired into the tool. You can also see the same green and black wires exiting the red plug. Our job is to get those wires together.
Here's a sneak peek at what your Honda EFI Tool will look like plugged into your bike with the seat and tank on. Now back to work.
Assemble your pieces. For this job you'll need two Honda Automotive Pin Connectors (part # 07JAZ-001080A) and two rubber grommets (Part# 07JAZ-001100A), which are available from your Honda car dealership's service center at the parts counter. Call the parts department for a price but they shouldn't be over a few bucks. You'll also need your Honda EFI Tuning Tool connector included with your tool.
Pull the Green and the Green/Black/White wires out of the clear connector. This takes a really small flat-blade object (like this ground down screwdriver).
Pull one wire out of the red connector for use as a cutting and stripping guide. Line up each of the wires you removed from the clear connector and cut and strip them to the proper length.
You'll cut off the connector and gasket that was inside the clear connector. Once the wires are cut, put the wire you pulled out (as a guide) back into it's home inside the red connector.
Assemble the new pin connectors onto the green and the green/black/white wire. The little rubber gaskets go on first.
Next, slide the pin connector on so it grabs the gasket and the stripped wire as shown and crimp the tabs down so they hold it securely. This is also a good time to make a note to yourself about clipping your fingernails.
Plug the Honda EFI Tool into the bike from the outside as shown. Leave the stock clear connector in the plug located next to the right-side frame rail. There are four spots in the red connector. Two of them in the female end (the Honda EFI Tool end) are plugged. These plugs push out. You should push them out.Insert the wires with pins you assembled into the proper holes of the female connector by matching location of the same colored wires in the male connector. It's not science. It's matching. You can handle it.