Letter Rip! Letter of the Week - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hey guys, I just got the latest Issue, and I couldn't help but notice that you guys had a picture of me in there, and thank you guys so much for that. And I don't mean to sound ungrateful, but you guys spelt my name wrong, and you actually put a picture up that wasn't me. There was two number 2s that day, one was me (pictured in the berm) and the other was Kalei Souza (pictured jumping with the caption Alex Feyeriser flies the friendly Hawaiian Skies.) Just thought I'd let you guys know. Thanks again for the coverage, you guys should come to some more races! My dad is on the board on our track on Oahu, and we are good friends with both Kauai and Maui Presidents. There is a Maui Invitational on President's day weekend, and the Oahu championship is on July 4th weekend.Alex Feyerisen
Mililani, HI
Thanks for the email. No, really, THANKS! Every time we can prove Jimmy wrong and rub it in his face is greatly appreciated. Sorry about the mix up with the rider identification and mis-spelling of your name. To make it up to you, I'll refer to Jimmy as Jim for this entire response. You see, Jim gets all antsy-in-his-pantsy when he gets to ride dirt bikes that close to surfing spots. Jim was probably so stoked on the truly gnarly trail and great time he was having to pay attention to little things like people's names and what bikes they were riding. Even though, technically, that's Jim's job as a moto journalist. However, everyone should be grateful Jim didn't put more pictures of Jim in that story because that wouldn't have done Hawaii justice! Thanks for putting up with Jim for us. It was a vacation for us, too. -Jesse Ziegler