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Fun with Fun Bikes!
I really liked your article in the November issue, "The Fun Bikes." I'm 13 and ride a Honda XR100, and it was cool to get opinions from the pros on the bikes that kids like me rid. I also wanted your opinion no gear, I am deciding on Thor or Fox. I can't make a decision, I like them both.
Drew Petry
Plano, IL
You know what? We're a lot alike, you and me. I, too, thought "The Fun Bikes" was a cool story and I also rode an XR100 when I was about your age. Also, I really like both Thor and Fox gear. So, I'll try to give you the best advice possible on your next gear purchase. First, buy something that will look new for a while. Dark colors are usually better at repelling dirt and can go longer between washes and if you're rocking off-road most of the time, look at the tougher off-road pants and jerseys that laugh at sticks and stones. The shiny, colorful motocross gear we wear for photos looks cool, but it also looks old sooner than less flashy stuff. As far as which brand... well, pick your favorite rider and follow their lead (that's what I do). See "The Fun Bikes" for some ideas. -Jesse Ziegler