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Pilot WoesJimmy, in your test of the 2008 KTM 300 XCW, you state that you dropped two sizes on the pilot jet. I have purchased a 2009 300 and it has a 35 pilot in it. I do not see where Keihin makes a smaller pilot. I dropped the needle two positions and went to a 162 main as you suggested. Any advice on the pilot would be appreciated.
RickI have no idea where I got a #30 or so pilot jet for the Keihin. But I have a lot of stuff no one can seem to get. Maybe I'm some sort of a factory rider to get these unobtainable parts? Like anything, you just have to search around and most of the time just one dealer isn't searching too hard for a $15 part unless you have a really good dealer. I know JD Jetting (www.jdjetting.com) knows a lot about this stuff too and most likely has a better kit or setting than me. And don't get into any drag races with that setting I spoke about. You'll lose more than just a race! -Jimmy Lewis