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Called Out By a Gamer!
One day I was bored. I decided to look through my massive pile of DR Mags (dating back to 2005) when I stumbled across the May 2008 issue of Mini Rider. As I flipped through the pages, I found an MX vs. ATV Untamed review by Chris Denison. I was shocked to find that he didn't like it! He said (quote): "upon completion of the last (and most frustrating) challenge, I was surprised to see... nothing." Two things. First, just because after the finishing the game it doesn't say "Good Job!" doesn't make it a bad game. Remember, riding is about riding, not the reward. I happen to love the game. It has some new vehicles. The new, more realistic tricks (including barhop, side saddle, and no footer landers) go great with the super realistic graphics. The new race mode (Endurocross) is awesome, especially with up to 12 riders in a race! You can also scrub/whip now. And to tie it all together, there are awesome realistic crashes.So maybe it's just me, but I think you should maybe play the game again and then write another review with less disappointment.
Tyler Olson
Loveland, CO_Thanks for the email, Tyler-it's cool that you have such an expansive collection of old mags. After reading your letter, I think that you may have failed to notice that my review was of the PSP version of MX. Vs. ATV Untamed, not the bigger Playstation VII console of whatever it is now. In the PSP version, there is no Endurocross section, no scrub/ whip button and no real point of the game at all; I agree that riding is not about reward, but I stick with my original opinion that this game officially stinks. However, you are correct that the other version is awesome.__While I've got your attention, I can't help but make two other points regarding your email: First, a "no footer lander" is not a realistic trick; this is simply something that occurs when you mess up a realistic trick and smash your twig and berries. Second, crashes are never "awesome", especially when they are realistic! **-Chris Denison**_