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Help me, please! I am 17 years old and was ranked 8th in District 25's C class in Colorado. I was going to move up to the B class until I had a bad crash: I broke my right leg in three places, spent two weeks in the hospital, had a four hour surgery and now have 23 screws in my leg. Now, I need advice on how to stay in racing condition and to not to end up like a couch blimp. I am non-weight bearing on my leg for 12 to 16 weeks. Is there anything that I can do to prepare for next season?
Jonathan Mosher
Fairplay, Co_We ran this by our super doctor, Gardner Tarlow, and here is what he said: "Sound's like a bummer deal! Regardless of what bone you broke (tibia, fibula or femur) all you can really do is keep your core and upper body in shape. Keep your diet as good as you can. 80% of what you eat should come from the earth, meaning it should have either fallen off a tree or been picked from a bush recently and not found in a can or box. The protein you eat should have died within the last week instead of been processed from the local fast food chain. Try and avoid processed food and especially fast food junk. Food is fuel, and you can either use 87 octane from Thrifty or 102-race gas. You have to make the choice. Take a good multi vitamin and take either calcium supplement plus vitamin D (Oscal + D 600mg/200iu twice a day) or take in lots of dairy products to enhance bone healing. Get your doctor to order a bone stimulator, such as the EXOGEN 4000 ultrasound bone healing system made by Smith and Nephew (1-800-836-4080). Core training (back and abs) can be done with a core ball purchased at a Big 5 store for $20. Upper body can be done in seated position for biceps, triceps, back, chest and abdomen. Stay focused, have a work out goal and your leg will be ready in no time for spinning on a stationary bike and swimming pool cardio workouts. Hope this helps!" -Dr. T_