Justin Williamson's GNCC Yamaha YZ250 - Dream Rides - Dirt Rider Magazine

I am not a two-stroke guy. Off-road, yeah, maybe, but a Yamaha YZ250 MXer is still too gnarly for my smooth-power preference. So as I sidled up to Justin Williamson's GNCC-contending YZ250, I wasn't exactly confident. Then I started it, popped it into second and let her rip. Wow. I think I just converted to mixing gas again!J-Dub's bike provided a whole new level of power. It had the two-stroke scream, but it was wound up inside a torquey bottom end that provided traction-happy power on demand. It wasn't abrupt or snappy at all. I hit a couple of enduro loops with Justin and immediately asked him what was going on inside the motor. He told me the bike was ported and built to do exactly what I was describing, plus a G2 cam throttle system and 9-ounce Steahly flywheel weight added to the feel. Smooth, strong and long power was the goal, with controllability being a priority. Even on slippery grass the bike had, dare I say, better-than-four-stroke tractability. Oh, and it'd wheelie to the moon!The ergos were great for me, too, and the bike, even with its bigger tank, didn't feel top heavy at all, but rather light and nimble. My only issue was the suspension was too stiff for my speed and weight. J-Dub can push his bike to make it work, I'm sure, but it's out of my league. Sadly, this sweet blue machine won't be with Williamson on the podium in 2007 as he's made the switch to Big Orange. Justin explains what parts make his YZ tick at www.dirtrider.com.