Uncorking a Honda CRF450 - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

**Dear Dirt Rider,A while back you ran an article about getting around Califorina emissions on the WR450. How about giving some of us CRF450X owners a clue on how to uncork this thing? I've heard rumors of a pink wire under the left side cover in a six-pin harness. But I'm not too sure I want to snip any wires yet.


Jimmy C
San Jose, CA**Jimmy,Forget the rumors, here are the facts. Don't touch the pink wire, all it does is allow the bike to rev farther, beyond the peak power where you don't want to be riding it anyways, at least in the configuration I will tell you about, which is a great setting for off-road riding. There is no "getting around" the emissions, that is the way your bike was sold. But for closed course competition you can modify the settings of the carb.First, do not put a loud pipe on the bike. It messes up everything from the drivability of the bike to getting riding areas closed down. Don't do it.Second, don't open up the air box, leave it stock. The filter stays clean forever and the bike makes good power and gets great fuel economy with really good power.The best jetting we can recommend is: NCYS needle in the 3rd position, 142 main, 50 pilot This works at sea level to 8000 ft. with any quiet muffler (stock, Leo Vince, Akrapovic, FMF Q, Pro Circuit 496) Also blocking off the intake line of the air injection system (don't remove it) will stop the backfire on deceleration. A ball of duct tape works fine.That is about it for secrets, keep an eye on our Long Haul section in Dirt Rider for updates on our CRF450X which is going on 100 hours. We've started playing with some suspension modifications and are really happy with the bike.Ride on,Jimmy Lewis
Editor, Dirt Rider Magazine