Florida Takes Proactive Stance on Sound Issues - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

Dear Dirt Rider,As the leading publication for off-road interests I thought you might like to know of the action that Florida Trail Riders (FTR) has taken, under the leadership of President Randy Faul and Hare Scrambles Chairman Mike Preslar, to combat the adverse affect of Florida's growing population on local riding areas.

FTR has taken a proactive approach to noise pollution and enacted a 96 db noise restriction on our off-road events. By instituting these limits we will directly decrease the vehicular noise production of the more than 3000 racers, family members, and friends associated with our organization and, hopefully, minimize the impact of our vehicles on our community and the environment.

The backdrop for this began several years ago as the clash between land development and open riding areas intensified. As more families moved into our state, more riding areas were consumed by the construction of homes for those families. This development destroyed "natural habitat" and eliminated many of our off-road competitions. In fact, this development has been the single most destructive force in the decimation of our enduro series. Further, because of the proximity of these newly constructed subdivisions to the remaining riding areas, we were threatened with the cancellation of some of the few existing off-road events. Last year, an event faced cancellation one day prior to the event until a local politician stepped in at the eleventh hour.As a result of these issues, FTR has become proactive in the institution of sound limits. Last year, with the help of Don Amador from the Blue Ribbon Coalition and Jack Terrell of our Land Use Committee, we performed preliminary sound testing at selected events. Following this, we gave notice that all bikes and quads would be subjected to noise limits this season.Truly, this has been a significant battle. The perception that "noise equals horsepower and speed" has been difficult to overcome. However, FTR has taken the first step toward "Less sound equals less loss of riding areas". We cannot stop the influx of people into our state nor the new construction encroaching on our riding areas. What we can do is make our best effort to lessen the impact on our neighbors and address the most easily enforced code violations (county wide noise ordinances) which may impede our ability to enjoy local riding areas.What else do we need? We need help from the manufacturers of exhaust systems. We need quiet exhaust systems that do not increase the sound emissions from our bikes and quads. We need the leaders of the industry, such as FMF, Pro Circuit, Jardine, Yoshimura, White Brothers, Dr. D, and DG, to step up to the plate and give us truly quiet exhaust systems. Since FTR has dictated quiet maximum noise limits, these companies stand to lose business from the more than 3000 members of FTR who can no longer run loud pipes. Let me re-phrase that. These companies stand to lose business revenue from Florida riders who can longer run loud pipes.Can you hear me now? Hopefully, the answer to that is NO, my bike is barely audible. Are they listening? We sure hope big business is listening.Larry Kuhn, DMD, MD**Dear Larry,We applaud your effort! Proactive, responsible people like you and the Florida Trial Riders are a valuable part of keeping our sport alive.Preach on, brother!

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