Sending Support to the Troops - Feature Review - Dirt Rider Magazine

My name is Sgt Michael Tuohey and I recently deployed to Iraq with 8th Marine Regiment. We are currently in Fallujah and are here for a 14 month tour. I read your magazine religiously and check out your seb site as often as possible. The reason I am writing to you is because I was hoping Dirt Rider would be willing to send a care package to my unit.A lot of the guys in my unit ride; a bunch of us would usually get together on the weekends and tear up the country side. There are some primo spots in NC where we are stationed. I know that these guys eyes would light up if they saw anything with a motorcycle on it. If Dirt Rider can't send anything, I would understand. I just hope that you would at least pop a wheelie for all of us over here.

With many Thanks,

Sgt Michael J Tuohey
8th Mar RegSgt Michael Tuohey,Thanks for the letter. It's always a treat to hear from the guys (and gals) in our armed forces. Everyone at Dirt Rider is more than happy to send you and your guys some swag. In fact, we're going to do you one better and send a care package from our entire motorcycle group: ATV Rider, Sport Rider, Motorcyclist, Cruiser, Super Street Bike and Mini Rider. Along with some magazines, we're sending posters, t-shirts and stickers. Also included is a disposable camera so you can send us back some pictures.It's the least we can do to show our respect and gratitude for what you guys are doing. I'm sure sometimes it feels like a thankless job, or that the world has forgotten you, but know that you're in the thoughts and prayers of millions of people everyday. We're behind you and support the job you're doing for our country, not just in Iraq, but in Afghanistan and all over the world.Stay strong over there and get home safe!Semper FiDirt Rider Magazine