Motorcycle Shipping is Now Affordable

Imagine a vacation that includes your motorcycle! What you might have thought impossible or too expensive, can now be a reality. The folks at Federal Warehouse Company (FWC) have thought this one through. They offer a complete service to get your bike where you want it.FWC has shipped 60,000 bikes in the past 13 years on a fleet of trucks dedicated to motorcycle transport. They will pick up your bike from your house or business, deliver it to any location in North America, and do this in just five to twelve working days. Wow, what efficiency. FWC has special pallets for your bike to simply roll right onto. No disassembly or crating is required. That saves on charges, too. Now you can have your favorite form of fun with you anytime you travel in North America.Shipping charges vary with distance traveled. For example, if Ken Faught wanted to ship his Honda CRF450 from his home in Corona, California to his friend's house in Colorado the charge would be $630. If he wanted to do some sand practice in Florida, the charge would be $766, because of the greater distance traveled. These two price examples include $5000 of insurance with no deductible. If you are willing to drop off and pick up from a business address, then you'll save 144 bucks.I'm excited about this easy and efficient way to get a bike around. Imagine the new possibilities for vacation planning. This company is first rate and professional. I wouldn't hesitate to send my race bike ahead of me for any occasion.Visit Federal Warehouse Company at: Or call them at: 800-747-4100 x217Have a great vacation!