New York ISDE Qualifier - News - Dirt Rider

Rain, mud and the usual New York rocks treated riders in the Hancock International Six Days Enduro Qualifier to some harrowing conditions for their two 100+ mile days of roads, trails and special tests. The Ridge Riders MC managed to piece together the patchwork of forests, farms and private lands to pull off a challenging course. The record rains meant that the plethora of grasstrack tests were a soupy mix of slippery mud and grass that had riders sliding along and really showed who had their mud skills honed. Despite the challenges presented by Mother Nature, the RRMC course received rave reviews from the contestants, especially Sunday's route, which spent less time on the roads.Four of the six Team USA members were on hand for some practice and getting back in the mentality of the ISDE format. The Suzuki off-road squad was out in full-force with ISDE rookie Mike Kiedrowski getting some schooling on everything from the special tests to tire changing under time pressures from ISDE-vet Rodney Smith. Meanwhile, their Suzuki teammate Steve Hatch was a man on a mission; he won six of the eight special tests on Saturday and eventually the overall for the weekend event. Smith surprised a few by not only raging on a RM125, but also winning one of the special tests and finishing overall in second. No stranger to the little 2-stroke, Smith often practices on a 125 and will be contesting in the 125 class in Brazil.Yamaha was also in full force with Barry Hawk another rider winning the tests in New York; he will be riding in the USA Club team with Randy Hawkins and Chuck Woodford, which are the Trophy Team alternates. He wrapped up the weekend only 16 seconds behind Hatch.The rest of the top 25 consisted of: Woodford, Fred Hoess, Jarno Boano, Jason Raines, Mike Lafferty, Mike Kiedrowski, Robbie Jenks, Kevin Hines, Andy Shea, Hawkins, Joel Dengler, Luke McNeil, Josh Lojak, Nathan Kanney, Wally Palmer, Aaron Kopp, John Burgard Jr., Ryan Rodgers, Russel Bobbit, Billy Schlag, Richard Lafferty and Dirt Rider's Jason Webb.We'll post the complete list of who are making the trip to Brazil in November as soon as that information is available. However, we do know, Webb is one of the lucky 17 from New York.