Chuck Sun Races WORCS - Dirt Rider Magazine

The WORCS series is a lot of fun and a great venue to prepare for the much anticipated FIM Veterans World Cup title chase in Spain, England and Belgium.Mornings in AZ is below freezing so my plan of throwing it down at the track friday night in the van was like sleeping in a iglo! Anyway, got warmed up in the 50 class with a scrap with Gary Jones and LR (thats Larry Reoseler) LR and I remained about 2 seconds apart for half the race untill LR's hands gave out and his bike quit last lap. MSR gear remained clean with a win. American Honda supported CRF 450 R worked great on the rough track with Dicks suspension soaking up the huge sand whoops. I ran just 12 lbs without flat issues utilizing the new tubliss system by Nuetech. Matching up the Spider grips with the energy saving Nuetech bar ends allowed me to enter the 30 class just an hour later, finishing on the podium against the kids. I was fortunate that I did not have to pit as Baja man Jeff Sheets hooked me up with his IMS tank.Sunday mornings track was heavily watered turning it into a mudder on a third of the course. I was happy to sport the grippy Fastway pegs and hand gaurds combined with the grippy Guts step seat to keep me on the bike. However, I thought the 40 class was to start at 9:30 when in fact it was 9:20! Missed the start, allthough I did get out just before the 2nd row a minute behind the pack. Good practice keeping my vision clear, thanks to Scott goggles Voltage works tear offs! Was happy to get on the podium after all that. I'm looking forward to having a damper for the next WORCS Feb. 15 in Mesquite, NV. I was fortunate that the 2008 Honda comes with a damper that helps steering and was much better than nothing but does not replace an offroad damper. The huge deep sand bumps in the wash and jumps did not create any throttle bogs thanks to the R&D; Power Bowl. Twin Air's backfire-resistant foam filter keeps the air flowing...Thanks to Glenn McGovern for covering the entry expenses for the FIM Vets series in Europe next year. Glenn was excepted last year for Belgium and England but was shut out this year with a new rule limiting the top age to 55.Any thoughts you may have in supporting this effort just drop a line!Best Regards,Chuck Sun503-702-4474