The Million Dollar Magic of the Monster Energy Cup - Dirt Rider Magazine

One night. One winner. $1 million dollars. Add in the magic and allure of Vegas and you have a race for the ages. Feast your eyes on this visual kaleidoscope of what awaits in the big neon glitter.About Monster Energy

Monster Energy supports the scene. Be it X Games, motocross, off-road, rally, road racing, skate, surf, mountain, on the road with Warped Tour, the DUB Show, Ozzfest … or just kickin' it local with the bros … wherever the action's going off you're sure to find the M-claw logo. Monster Import, Import Light and DUB join all the types - Original Monster Energy, Lo-Carb Monster, Monster Assault, Monster's fruit juice hybrids dubbed Monster Khaos, Monster M-80 and Monster MIXXD, the ground-breaking Java Monster and X-Presso Monster premium coffee & cream drink line supercharged with Monster Energy's blend, 3 oz. Monster Hitman Energy and the new Monster Energy "Rehab," combining ice tea and lemonade with Monster Energy OG. You can bet all our athletes at Summer X 17 will be diggin' 'em - so will you. On the 'Net at