Shock Doctor/KTM WORCS Race Report - Round 4 - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hollister Hills, CA - The fourth round of the WORCS took place in Hollister Hills, CA where Shock Doctor/KTM Factory rider Mike Brown took the holeshot and the early lead.Brown earned the holeshot award and was leading the pack when he crashed late in the first lap only to recover in dead last. His teammate, Justin Soule, was also in the back after a crash on the second corner of the race. Brown quickly picked up his speed and began to pass riders. On the second to last lap he had already passed up to 4th position. He was looking to finish there when a mistake on the final lap allowed Damon Huffman to get by. Brown finished 5th for the day after a hard charge through the pack and now sits 2nd overall in points. Soule had trouble moving through the pack crashing a couple more times throughout the race eventually finishing in 13th place."I struggled today trying to stay on my bike. The course was challenging and I didn't place anywhere near where I should have. I've learned a couple things I need to focus on before I head to the next race," commented Soule after the race.KTM Women's Pro Sarah Whitmore won her first WORCS race against her toughest competitor - poison oak. "I have never ridden in an area with poison oak, and apparently, I am allergic," commented Whitmore. "My tongue swelled so bad that I had trouble breathing during practice. I didn't even think I would make it to the line. I'd like to think KTM and Claritin for helping me get through today's race." Although Whitmore missed the first round, this win combined with her previous two podium finishes puts her in the overall points lead. Fellow KTM rider and current WORCS Women's Pro Champion Maria Forsberg did not race Hollister after a practice crash earlier in the week resulted in a broken elbow.Next Event: Milford, CA - May 8-10, 2009Overall Pro Results -
1) Ricky Dietrich
2) Tim Wiegand
3) Bobby Bonds
4) Damon Huffman
5) Mike Brown - KTM
6) Kyle Summers
7) Taylor Robert
8) Nick Brozovich
9) Destry Abbott
10) Bobby Garrison
13) Justin Soule - KTM Overall Pro Points -
1) Ricky Dietrich - 91
2) Mike Brown - 83
3) Tim Wiegand - 79
4) Bobby Bonds - 73
5) Justin Soule - 63 Overall Women's Pro Results -
1) Sarah Whitmore - KTM

2) Kacy Martinez
3) Tatum Sik
4) Jessica Patterson
5) Brooke Hodges - KTM
6) Penni Cyrus
7) Sherri Cruse
8) Holly BreckOverall Women's Pro Points -
1) Sarah Whitmore - 80

2) Penni Cyrus - 75
3) Kacy Martinez - 75
4) Jessica Patterson - 61
5) Maria Forsberg - 55