On Track Congratulates Recent Graduate Sara Price! - Dirt Rider Magazine

On Track, the leader in customized education for motocross athletes looking to obtain a cutting edge education, would like to congratulate Sara Price on her recent graduation! Sara has 17 National Title Championships.SARA PRICE
Age: 16
Class: Women's, Open, and Schoolboy
Team: Kawasaki
Sponsors: Monster Energy, Kawasaki Team Green, Thor, Parts Unlimited, Scott, Pro-Taper, Factory Backing, and Maxima
Among the menu of curriculum options available, On Track offered Sara a High School Equivalency program that is perfect for students such as Sara that have moved into the Pro ranks of Supercross. It is at this point that finishing school becomes quite the challenge. Traditional school is no longer an option for serious racers and this has allowed On Track to help many students, such as Sara achieve their goal of receiving a cutting edge education.Sara: "On Track really helped me, reach my goals, off the track, while still having the time to reach my goals on the track for motocross. Education is so important to me, as a racer and the need to have an intelligent conversation at times. I'm excited to have had the chance, to be apart of theOn Track Program and am ready to aim high with my future goals."Andrea: "Sara has been an On Track student for fours years and has worked hard to get where she is both on and off the track! She is a focused and dedicated student who has demonstrated that when you focus on your goals they come true, time after time. I am so proud of Sara for graduating early at the age of 16 so that she can focus all of her time on continuing to win championships! Congratulations Sara for your success on and off the track!"For more information on customized learning solutions visit www.stayontrack.net or contactAndrea Leib at 909-374-8851 for an On Track brochure and list of current learning coaches.