Hahn Charges To 6th At The Toronto Supercross - Dirt Rider Magazine

Toronto, Ontario - Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory East Lites Supercross rider Wil Hahn put an amazing charge through the pack in the second to last round of the AMA East Lites Supercross round in Canada.Hahn was the only representative of the Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Team in Toronto as his teammate Martin Davalos is still out with a broken fibula. Hahn represented the team well earning the second fastest practice time of the afternoon turning a 53.424.Lites Heat #1 showed Hahn in 6th place around the first turn. He passed for 5th on the third lap improving his lap times each lap. On the last lap he passed Kyle Keylon for 4th while turning his fastest lap of the heat.Hahn suffered from a poor start when the gate dropped for the main event and he came around the first turn in 15th. He quickly twisted the throttle and moved around three riders on the first lap. Now sitting in 12th, he continued to move forward. His impressive lap times from deep in the pack were notable as he passed two more riders on the second lap and yet another on the third lap to move inside the top ten. On the sixth lap he passed Vince Friese for 8th. He then encountered some good luck when Nico Izzi and Darryn Durham came together and he capitalized to move into 7th. With three laps to go he passed Matt Goerke for 6th and began to close the now 6.0 second gap on 5th place runner Matt Lemoine. Hahn was able to close the gap to 2.0 seconds before he crossed the checkered flag to finish a hard-earned 6th overall."I felt really good all night. My lap times were right up there with the top three, but unfortunately this was a track where the start would make or break you. I feel fortunate that I was able to move through the pack as well as I did. I'm still looking for a podium this season, so keep on eye on me in Jacksonville," commented Hahn after the race.Next Event: Jacksonville Supercross - April 4, 2009Overall Results Supercross Lites:
1) C. Pourcel
2) A. Stroupe
3) B. Tickle
4) B. Jesseman
5) M. Lemoine
6) W. Hahn - KTM
7) M. Goerke
8) V. Friese
9) D. Blair
10) B. Wharton
11) N. Izzi
12) J. Thomas
13) K. Keylon
14) K. Johnson
15) S. Clarke
16) J. Saylor
17) D. Durham
18) F. Karrle
19) T. Wharton
20) B. SherenOverall Point Standings Supercross Lites:
1) C. Pourcel - 156
2) A. Stroupe - 128
3) N. Izzi - 112
4) B. Wharton - 102
5) B. Jesseman - 91
6) W. Hahn - 83
7) M. Goerke - 82
8) M. Lemoine - 82
9) D. Blair - 75
10) S. Clarke - 71Overall Results Supercross Results:
1) J. Stewart
2) C. Reed
3) J. Hill
4) J. Grant
5) I. Tedesco
6) K. Windham
7) D. Millsaps
8) M. Boni
9) A. Short
10) B. Coisy
11) M. Alessi
12) N. Ramsey
13) K. Chisholm
14) P. Carpenter
15) N. Wey
16) T. Bowers
17) B. Hepler
18) J. Marsack
19) T. Hahn
20) J. LawrenceOverall Point Standings Supercross:1) C. Reed - 293
2) J. Stewart - 285
3) A. Short - 209
4) J. Grant - 190
5) I. Tedesco - 179
6) K Windham - 173
7) M. Alessi - 170
8) D. Millsaps - 166
9) R. Villopoto - 165
10) J. Hill - 128