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Daytona Beach, FL - Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory Team rider Martin Davalos led ten laps of the Daytona Supercross and went on to finish a strong 2nd place overall - his best finish this season.Davalos and his teammate, Wil Hahn, both started the night off well each taking 3rd place in their respective heat to easily qualify to the main event.As the hot lap began for the Lites Main Event Hahn encountered his first challenge of the night when he and Blake Wharton crashed together on the hot lap causing minor injury to Hahn's bike and badly bruising his leg. Despite the incident, both riders regrouped and returned to the line for the start of the main event.When the gate dropped the #577 KTM machine of Davalos was out front early. "I got a great start which set me up for my best race this season," Davalos commented. Rounding the first turn in 4th position, Davalos quickly jumped into 2nd. Hahn also had a decent start placing his KTM well within the top ten. By the second lap of the race Davalos had secured the lead position for the first time this season. Once out front Davalos focused on riding his own race and maintaining the blistering fast pace he and the top riders had already set.Flexing his muscles aboard the Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM race bike, Davalos, led 2/3 of the race before the hard-charging 2nd place ride of Christophe Pourcel was able to move around and capture the lead. "I was so nervous running up front because it is new to me. I wish I could have taken the win but I am so happy to know that I can run the pace. I am happy with my finish and look at it as a learning experience," stated Davalos.When the checkered flag came out Davalos crossed the line in 2nd place for his second podium of the season and best finish yet. Hahn also secured his best finish of the season with a 5th overall after holding off Matt Goerke who was challenging for the top five spot.The Supercross class had two new riders under the Jagermeister/MDK/KTM tent as Ryan Sipes and Mike Brown both came out to ride. This was Sipes third Supercross race this season, while it was Brown's first Supercross since 2006. Brown was a crowd favorite as he showed up with his permanent number 3 bike - a number he earned after winning the 2001 125cc Motocross National Championship. Unfortunately Brown was one spot away from qualifying in his heat and just shy of qualifying through the last chance. "I was really nervous to come and race Supercross again since it has been quite some time, but I am glad I did. I had a great time and would love to do more," commented Brown.Sipes on the other hand was on fire all night turning in an impressive 4th place finish in his heat race which was the most stacked heat of the night. In the main event he continued his push toward the front of the pack and came out 7th around the first turn after avoiding a crash that took out at least six competitors directly in front of him. Sipes quickly passed two riders to move into 5th after only two laps. As he came out of the first triple he went around the next turn and got caught in a breaking bump which caused him to stall his bike. Sipes lost three positions by the time he took off again and quickly charged forward to try and recapture them. After an impressive race holding off Ivan Tedesco and even Andrew Short for some time, Sipes was still holding on to 10th overall as the race was winding down. On the last lap, Sipes caught and passed Tommy Hahn and rode his bike through the checkered flag to finish 9th overall.Next Event: New Orleans Supercross - March 14, 2009Overall Results Lites Class -
1) Christophe Pourcel
2) Martin Davalos - KTM
3) Nico Izzi
4) Matt Lemoine
5) Wil Hahn - KTM
6) Matt Goerke
7) Darryn Durham
8) Broc Tickle
9) Blake Wharton
10) Kyle KeylonOverall Point Standings Lites Class -
1) Christophe Pourcel - 92
2) Nico Izzi - 82
3) Austin Stroupe - 59
4) Martin Davalos - 56
5) Wil Hahn - 52****Overall Results Supercross Class

1) Chad Reed
2) Jason Lawrence
3) Davi Millsaps
4) Mike Alessi
5) Kevin Windham
6) Ryan Villopoto
7) James Stewart
8) Andrew Short
9) Ryan Sipes - KTM
10) Tommy HahnOverall Point Standings Supercross Class -
1) Chad Reed - 224
2) James Stewart - 213
3) Andrew Short - 163
4) Ryan Villopoto - 153
5) Ivan Tedesco - 140