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ANAHEIM, Calif. (March 11, 2009) - Just when you thought things were crazy enough with the world's premier mini bike race - the AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX held at Vegas' Orleans Arena - the staff at Source Interlink Media, producers and promoters of MMSX, are fixin' to shut the arena lights off and run a pro mini bike class in the dark!Much in the same manner that AMA EnduroCross events have thrilled fans in the past by racing with the house lights turned off, AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX sponsor Baja Designs has engineered a clever after market front facia feature for mini bikes - dubbed the Diablo HID - that smartly combines a headlight into the front number plate (see photo). When approached by Baja Designs to incorporate this interesting feature into the evening's race program, Source Interlink Media officials were hesitant at first - then gave in to the idea."I don't know what we're thinking," chuckled Mike Karsting, VP of Events for Source Interlink Media. "Eric (Peronnard, MMSX's founder) seems to think it'll work. And all of us agree that we'll let the fans decide."Titled the "AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX Baja Designs Night Race," technicians from Baja Designs will Velcro-mount the Diablo HID to the front forks of the top ten MM10A Stock/Mod finalists, along with a few select race VIPs. Then all heck's going to break loose as pros - along with some not-so-pros - take to the track in complete darkness, guided solely through the minefield of jumps, whoops, berms and other obstacles by their Baja Designs Diablo HID light -** the winner receiving a $500 check from Baja Designs and they get to keep their Diablo HID!"It's a perfect match. Baja Designs' lighting system with the biggest little mini bike race on the planet," beamed Peronnard. "This is going to be wild! And something for sure I think the fans will really enjoy."Makers of premier race lighting, off-road lighting and many other bike and ATV-improving products, Baja Designs and its new Diablo HID light for mini bikes is looking forward to this unique enhancement for the May 1st evening race program at the Orleans Arena. "Baja Designs is proud to be such big part of EnduroCross' exciting Night Race," said Deanne Moore, President of Baja Designs. "So expanding our involvement to the MiniMotoSX seemed like the perfect chance to showcase our new Diablo HID light - in as demanding of a forum as we could imagine!"Combining awesome performance with a light weight factory look, the Diablo HID is designed specifically for aggressive nighttime trail riding by combining amazing distance projection with wide peripheral spread and a smooth light pattern. No glaring hot spots or dead spots. Weighing in at a mere 2.5 pounds for electric-start bikes and 3.75 pounds for kick start bikes*, the Diablo HID is even lighter in weight than many factory and most other aftermarket headlights. Almost all OEM plastic colors - including black and white are available. *Diablo HIDs for kick start bikes include a small NiCad battery and rectifier/regulator pre-mounted and wired with the HID electronics behind the headlight.Baja Designs has been developing high-end aftermarket lighting systems and other adventure products for the off-road industry for 14 years. Still the leader in high-quality off-road motorcycle lighting and Dual Sport Kits, the addition of the Soltek LaPaz and Soltek Fuego lights has expanded Baja Designs' expertise to the ATV, truck & buggy markets.For more information on Baja Designs, check out their website: www.bajadesigns.comThe sixth annual AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX is the largest indoor motorsports competition of its kind. With more than 700 registered riders in 2008 the event allows any mini bike enthusiast to become part of the show. As one racer put it: "At MiniMotoSX you don't just show up and watch racing in Vegas - you boot up and get on the track yourself, race in front of a packed house at the Orleans." Featuring numerous classes at all age and ability levels, AMA/Maxxis MiniMotoSX delivers an unforgettable day of racing action for both fans and racers alike, along with an affordable 'Vegas experience' given the hotel and ticket package at the Orleans Hotel and Arena, April 30th - May 1st. Registration for the event is open right now on www.minimotosx.comTickets On-Sale NOW at the Orleans Arena, 888-234-2334; or online at www.OrleansArena.comFor rules and race information visit www.EnduroCross.com or email endurocross@sourceinterlink.com.
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