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YOU'RE ALL INVITED. Actually Please attend if there is any possibility of making it.!!!!Date: March 11th, 2009 (this Wednesday)
Time: 8 am
Location: Springfield IL Capital Building. Room 114Email Question to or call your director!WEAR YOUR DISTRICT JACKET OR RACE/RIDE type clothing! Help: Meet at Halls Cycles (3838 N Dirksen Pkwy, Springfield, IL)7am if your not familiar how to get to the meeting place. Then we can all drive in from there. The shop is no more then 15 min away from meeting. Once at the meeting there will be a form to fill out and to comment. IT is imperative these forms are filled out by everyone. Not sure who, will be able to actually speak, but we can find that out once there.Reason: To oppose/comment on the Flowers bill HB 3914, which if passed will make anyone under the age of 16 ILLEGAL to ride a mini bike or ATV, this would be on private or public property. We hope buy going to this meeting in force, it will help squash this bill before it goes anywhere!!!Also note, many of you, like us, have never done this before, but it is very necessary! We are taking the kids and going as a family.Below is the information.Illinois General Assembly - Bill Status for HB3914
Has Been Assigned to Elementary & Secondary Education Committee
House SponsorsRep. Mary E. FlowersHearings
Elementary & Secondary Education Committee Hearing - Mar 11 2009 8:00AM Capitol Building Room 114 Springfield, IL
Illinois House bill 3914, introduced by Rep. Mary Flowers (D-Chicago), would make it illegal for anyone under the age of 16 to operate and all-terrain vehicle or off-highway motorcycle. The proposed legislation would also make it illegal to transport a passenger on an ATV or OHM regardless of whether the vehicle is configured for a passenger. The bill would also require ATV and OHM riders to have valid driver's licenses and wear helmets.;=10&GA;=96&DocTypeID;=HB&LegID;=46740&SessionID;=76