Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Race Report - Atlanta Supercross - Dirt Rider Magazine

Atlanta, GA - The second round of the AMA Lites East Supercross Series at the Georgia Dome proved to be the most technical and challenging course yet - but it was a challenge for which the Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory Team was ready.Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory Racing Team rider Martin Davalos was up first in Heat #1 where he got a decent start and moved into 2nd by the third lap. He finished 2nd to easily qualify into the main event. "I felt really good in my heat. I have stepped up my training program since the first round and feel really confident after putting in a solid heat race," stated Davalos after the heat.Wil Hahn appeared in the second heat with an 8th place start. With the track continuously getting more slippery each lap due to the soil used this weekend, Hahn had his work cut out for him as he plowed through the pack. By the end of the heat, he had moved into 4th position. "I wish I could have had a better start, but I am happy to have finished 4th, each spot gained equals a better gate pick for me in the main," commented Hahn.In the Lites main event, Davalos jumped up front early rounding the first turn in 4th. His teammate, Hahn was not far back in 6th. Both riders maintained their place and held strong to their position as they began to gain time on the riders out front. On the tenth lap, Davalos battled with Lemoine for 3rd position eventually making the pass stick on lap twelve. On the second to last lap, Davalos was challenged by Blake Wharton for his podium position. The two riders battled back and forth staying bar to bar, when on the final lap, with two turns to go, Davalos made the pass on Wharton right before the checkers to earn his first podium of the season. Hahn rode a great race to finish 6th overall."I got a great start, but I was thinking too much and making mistakes. I got caught up a few times. When I was challenged by Wharton at the end, I stayed close and waited for him to make a mistake to finish 3rd and I'm really happy with the result," commented Davalos on the podium.Jagermeister/MDK/KTM 450 Racing Team member, Josh Summey, missed qualifying from his heat by one position but made up for it by taking the holeshot and the LCQ win to earn a spot on the main event line. In the main event, he suffered a bad crash on the second lap and was not able to continue the race.Overall Results Lites Supercross -
1) C. Pourcel
2) N. Izzi
3) M. Davalos - KTM
4) B. Wharton
5) B. Jesseman
6) W. Hahn - KTM
7) A. Stroupe
8) M. Lemoine
9) M. Goerke
10) S. Clarke
11) T. Wharton
12) L. Kilbarger
13) B. Ripple
14) J. Saylor
15) V. Friese
16) F. Karrle
17) D. Durham
18) S. Hackley
19) C. Gilmore
20) T. ParksOverall Points Lites Supercross -
1) C. Pourcel - 50
2) N. Izzi - 42
3) M. Davalos - 34
4) B. Wharton - 34
5) A. Stroupe - 32
6) W. Hahn - 30
7) B. Jesseman - 25
8) M. Goerke - 23
9) B. Metcalfe - 22
10) S. Clarke - 19Overall Results Supercross - 1) J. Stewart
2) C. Reed
3) R. Villopoto
4) A. Short
5) B. Hepler
6) K. Windham
7) I. Tedesco
8) T. Ferry
9) J. Hill
10) D. Millsaps
11) M. Alessi
12) M. Boni
13) J. Grant
14) K. Chisholm
15) N. Wey
16) T. Hahn
17) T. Adams
18) T. Bowers
19) B. Coisy
20) J. Summey - KTM****Overall Points Supercross -
1) J. Stewart - 177
2) C. Reed - 174
3) A. Short - 140
4) R. Villopoto - 126
5) J. Grant - 120
6) I. Tedesco - 116
7) K. Windham - 111
8) D. Millsaps - 102
9) M. Alessi - 93
10) T. Ferry - 87