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David Philippaerts took the 2009 International Motocross of Valence(France) by storm this past weekend as he showed this difficult track who's boss by winning the overall MX1 class. After a bad start earlier in his first moto, Ken De Dycker reeled in a second place spot overall. While Josh Coppins rounded out the overall podium with his third place finish in the MX1 class.The 2009 International Motocross of Valence was a great one, and celebrated David Vuillemin in the MX1 class and Valentin Teillet in the MX2 category.The reigning MX1 World and MX2 European champions won the French event, but both had to battle hard during a cold meeting due to some wind and light rain in the afternoon.Philippaerts dominate the MX1 class
Once more David Philippaerts was not among the fastest guys in qualification, scoring an eighth position one second behind Kevin Strijbos.But DP19 got three strong starts, and lead the entire opening heat, followed by teammate Josh Coppins.The second moto was a little harder, as Ken De Dycker got the lead in the fifth circulation; but the Yamaha rider took the lead back to win his second race in a row. His start was not so good in the super final, where he came back in second place behind De Dycker to win the overall.The Suzuki rider finished second overall, followed by Josh Coppins who had some gear box problems in the third race of the day. Kevin Strijbos - who had to come back from last in the super final, blocked by the starting gate - Marc De Reuver and Steve Ramon complete the top sixth, followed by surprising Julien Bill on the Aprilia.The Swiss rider started always in the top three, and rode strong to collect another good result on the twin cylinder after Mantova and Montevarchi. Frenchmen Julien Vanni and David Vuillemin finished in eight and ninth overall, with a poor start in race two for DV12. Sebastien Pourcel - who had to go for a shoulder surgery ten days ago - and Max Nagl - who injured his thumb during a testing session on Thursday - both missed the event.Surprising Teillet
MX2 European Champion, Valentin Teillet never raced any GP in the past, and none were expecting such a good result from him in Valence! Leading most of the opening race Valentin was passed in the ultimate lap by Marvin Musquin, who got earlier a strong pole position. Third of the second race behind Shaun Simpson and Rui Goncalves, the Frenchman did another strong race in the super final, mixing MX2 and MX1 bikes. Third MX2 rider in this super final, he beats the two factory KTM riders as Simpson crashed in the opening one, while Goncalves had some troubles in the last race to find his way among the 450. Once more the MX2 class was a KTM show with four orange bikes at the first positions, young Swiss Arnaud Tonus finishing fourth and confirming with Teillet that the former Euro kids are ready for the GP's! Pascal Leuret rode regularly to collect a fifth place, followed by Nicolas Aubin who had a disastrous start in the second race and retired in the last one after a crash. Winner of the first race Musquin was unlucky as he received a stone in his noose and was shocked, while Steven Frossard crashed in the opening race with Anthony Boissiere. Both retired, and none of them finished the second heat too.David Philippaerts
"It was good to win here because the track was difficult, De Dycker was fast but it was good training and another test for the bike. Things are heading in the right way and now we will go to Belgium for some more work before coming back to Italy. Faenza will be an emotional first Grand Prix but I am excited to start the season."Ken De Dycker.:
"It was good to finish the day with a win and it was just a bit of a shame about my bad start in the first moto, it was not easy to get back to the front here and thankfully my starts were better later in the day. I didn't go crazy in the second moto, and once I was in front and had made some hard laps in the Final, I could cruise to the finish. I think we are going in the right direction and I am pleased with our progress."Josh Coppins:
"It wasn't a bad day but I did not ride as well as I did in Italy and struggled to get a rhythm with the track, we had a small few things to sort out with the bike but that is the reason why we do these races. I was quite good in the first laps and had two decent starts in the first two motos; so this was positive. I was a little bit inconsistent with my speed, sometimes very fast and then not so quick, and I know we can be better. We will be working hard for the next month and expecting to move up a level before the first Grand Prix."RESULT MX1 (450 CC)
1. 19 PHILIPPERTS David 25- 25- 22 p.72
2. 9 DE-DYCKER Ken 18- 22 -25 p.65
3. 6 COPPINS Joshua 22- 20- 16 p.58
4. 100 STRIJBOS Kevin 20- 16- 18 p.54
5. 14 DE-REUVER Marc 12- 18- 20 p.50
6. 11 RAMON Steve 14- 15- 14 p.43
7. 15 BILL Julien 15 -13- 13 p.41
8. 65 VANNI Julien 13- 14- 12 p.39
9. 12 VUILLEMIN David 16- 11- 11 p.38
10. 32 PRIEM Manuel 10- 8- 4 p.22
11. 17 SWANEPOEL Gareth 11- 10 p. 21
12. 7 RENET Pierre-Alexandre 9- 9 p. 18
13. 114 SALAETS Kristof 6- 6 p.12RESULT MX2 (250 CC)
1. 37 TEILLET Valentin 22- 20- 9 p.51
2. 4 SIMPSON Shaun 9- 25- 15 p.49
3. 5 GONGALVES Rui 18- 22- 8 p.48
4. 23 TONUS Arnaud 14- 18- 5 p.37
5. 47 LEURET Pascal 15- 13- 7 p.35
6. 3 AUBIN Nicola 20- 15 p.35
7. 34 ROELANTS Joel 16 11 p.27
8. 21 PAULIN Gauthier - 16 10 p.26
9. 335 VERBRUGGEN Denis 13 -12 -1 p.26
10. 25 MUSQUIN Marvin 25 - - p.25
11. 44 KOJIMA Yohei 11 -10 p. 21After his win at , David Philippaerts took another one at round #2 of the International race in Valence, France.