WORCS Rd #1 Am Video Highlights From Theorc.com - Dirt Rider Magazine

Washington, UT: 1/23/09- The ORC.com delivers amateur footage from WORCS Round 1."This is something I had an idea about before getting there. I have a friend in Phoenix who I asked to come out and shoot for me. It ended up working out pretty good and I think the amateur families will enjoy this. I'm going to try and incorporate something lke this for each round we attend this year." -Andrew Campo with theorc.com"Theorc.com is a new addition to the WORCS series this year and I think Andrew and the crew are doing a fantastic job on bringing our series more into the off-road industry. I really look forward to working with them more closely this year at the upcoming rounds.Rd #1 Am footage: http://www.theorc.com/index.php?option=com_seyret&Itemid;=37&task;=videodirectlink&id;=20For more on the new off-road site, please visit www.theorc.com for all the latest up to date off-road news, photos and video highlights.