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Taddy Blazusiak Results Service '09
Genoa Indoor Enduro, Genoa, Italy, 25.1.2009Despite suffering more than his fair share of bad luck during two of the three finals at the second round of the Indoor Enduro World Cup - the Genoa Indoor Enduro, Taddy Blazusiak claimed the overall runner-up position behind Spaniard Ivan Cervantes to maintain his second place position in the series standings.One of many riders to suffer at the hands of the challenging Genoa track, Taddy's hopes of claiming the overall event win went begging soon after the start of the first race as he got stuck on the rock hill. With no clear lines to take, Taddy was forced to play the indoor enduro lottery game and attacked the rock and rider littered climb in the hope that he would make it to past the many fallen riders and be able to continue on with his race. Falling and loosing precious time, Taddy had to fight his way from the back of the pack and claimed an eventual fourth place result.Race two was little better for Taddy, despite leading from the start. Clipping a rock his chain derailed, which saw him quickly move from the front of the race to the very back. Riding with 100 per cent commitment in the hope of salvaging a good result Taddy worked his way to third at the chequered flag.Thankfully, Taddy's luck finally changed for the third and final race as he took an early lead and claimed a comfortably win while race one and two winner Ivan Cervantes placed fourth following several mistakes.Results - Genoa Indoor Enduro, overall 1. Ivan Cervantes (KTM) 38 points; 2. Taddy Blazusiak (KTM Enduro Factory Team) 33 points; 3. Fabio Mossini (Honda) 28 points;Taddy Blazusiak: "My goal was to be leading the Indoor Enduro World Cup after the Genoa Indoor Enduro, but considering all the bad luck I had I am really pleased to have finished as runner-up. The first race didn't go so well, and I was really angry with myself at the finish. I really wanted to do well in the second race, which didn't happen. I had a great start but on the first lap I clipped a rock and my chain came off. I watched every single rider pass me. I just gave the race everything once I got going again - I was exhausted at the finish because I pushed myself to the limit. Finishing third shows that my speed was good and who knows, if my chain hadn't have come off I am sure I could have won. To win the last race was great. I pulled away from the other riders quite quickly and I felt really comfortable. Although Ivan extended his lead in the championship there is still a lot to go for at the final round in Madrid. The championship isn't over yet. I just hope I have some better luck in Madrid."