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Pit Pass Moto Weekly - Motorcycle News and Talk Show Advance, North Carolina (December 16, 2008) - Top talent and industry insiders from the motorcycle industry give their uncut opinions and race stories. Get your weekly motorcycle news live from Pit Pass Moto Weekly. Pit Pass Moto Weekly is now heard in 39 countries around the world. 7 pm to 9 pm Central - Motorcycle Radio streaming individual interviews from www.pitpassradio.com, or download the program from our archives to your ipod or mp3 player anytime. The archive is posted 15 minutes after we finish the live show and available at your convenience.Robbie Maddison, FMX Rider and World Record Holder
Almost a year ago, shortly after the ball dropped in Times Square signifying 2008, Maddison hit a take-off ramp at 94 miles per hour on his Honda CR 500, reaching a height of more than 60 feet, and soared into history. It took place in Las Vegas and was live on ESPN. They called it the Red Bull Experiment. Robbie jumped 322 feet and 7 inches, a new world record, which is over a football field in length. This year he will be back in Vegas on New Years Eve with a whole new kind of record to break. Robbie joins us to talk about what they have planned in a few short weeks.
www.robbiemaddison.comDereck Sorenson, Team Manager - Cernics Kawasaki
Anaheim 1 is just around the corner and all teams that are racing the premier and the West Coast Lites classes are hard at work. Cernics Kawasaki is a well respected team in the industry and no exception to having a very busy schedule this month. Dereck Sorenson was nice enough to agree to spending some time talking about his team that has so much great history. Cernics Kawasaki is looking strong as ever as they have rejoined forces for Supercross this year with Paul Carpenter, the 2008 US Supercross Top Privateer Award Winner and 2007 Canadian Motocross Champion.
www.cernicskawasaki.comBen Evans, West Coast Lites - TiLUBE/ Brown Motorsports/ Fly Racing
2009 will be Ben's rookie year racing Supercross on U.S. soil. He is coming off a very impressive amateur career. After Loretta's this year Ben decided it was time to turn pro. Already he has to his credit a top 20 moto at Steel City and a win at the Stuttgart Supercross in Germany. Ben has made the transition to Southern California where he spends his days preparing for the first Supercross gate drop on January 3. We check in with him to talk about his program.
www.supercrossonline.comTom Halverson, Yamaha Road Racing Manager
With more than 30 years of experience in the motorcycle racing industry, Tom is now the go-to guy for anyone that has or wants a program with Yamaha Road Racing. He is responsible for putting together and keeping track of everything from machine development, budgeting, scheduling, and logistics. He manages communication to the factory and vendors, and coordination between Yamaha and Graves Motorsports, and on and on. The world of professional road racing in the U.S. has experienced some changes and we welcome Tom to educate us a little more on the recent developments.
www.yamaha-motor.comBrock Sellards, Arenacross Racer, Team Triple Effect
Brock is a well known racer that has been in the Arenacross Series for the past 3 years. He has always been a top finisher with more 2nd place finishes in Arenacross, Supercross, and the Outdoor National Championships then just about anybody. He is ready for the season to start and is gunning for the Arenacross Championship. This year he will be teammates with younger riders Gray Davenport and Dacoda Sorochuck and joins us to talk about his upcoming season.
www.tripleeffect.comCrew at Pit Pass Radio
Scott Casber, Tony Wenck, Tony Tice, Jack DeLeon and Ed Kuhlenkamp. Pit Pass Moto Weekly is a syndicated motorcycle talk show heard across the U.S. on radio stations and around the world via the internet at www.pitpassradio.com. The show airs every Tuesday from 5-7 pm Pacific, 6-8 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Central, and 8-10 pm Eastern at www.pitpassradio.com.Companies interested in advertising on the show or marketing partnerships can contact Ed Kuhlenkamp at (336) 293-9103, or click on contact in the menu and make sure to list advertising in the email. Interested in the Pit Pass community visit us - www.myspace.com/pitpassradio. If you have any questions you can call in Tuesday nights from 7 - 9 pm Central, toll free 866-333-5966, or 515-284-5966.