Wil Hahn Injury Update - KTM Racing Team Rider - Dirt Rider Magazine

Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory Racing Team rider Wil Hahn was injured December 4, 2008 after a crash at his practice track in Texas. It has been determined that Hahn sustained a fractured sternum, three broken ribs and a slight lung puncture. He is now recovering at his Texas residence and feels optimistic about the upcoming season despite his injuries."The doctor told me it should take 4-5 weeks to heal before I can ride. This will put me back on the bike in enough time to prepare for the East Supercross Lites Series," commented Hahn. Although Hahn was originally preparing to compete in the West Supercross Lites Series he will now turn his efforts on a 100% recovery to return for east coast racing.Hahn's teammate, Ryan Sipes, will now compete in the West Supercross Lites Series alongside Justin Brayton. Sipes has been training alongside Brayton and Hahn during the off-season and feels 100% confident that he is ready for the opening round scheduled for January 3, 2009. "I didn't want to have to switch coasts on a note like this, but I am glad Wil's injuries still allow him to come back and compete in the east races. Although I was anticipating a later start to my season, my training and speed is right on target and I feel that I am ready for the opener in three weeks," commented Sipes.