Request For 2009 Benefactors To Help Deserving Professional Supercross/Motocross Racers - Dirt Rider Magazine

Hello Potential Benefactor:My name is Scott Kandel. I am the founder and Chief Altruistic Officer of Warthog Racing ( Warthog Racing runs a professional Supercross/Motocross race team - the largest team in the world. We are unique in that we support professional racers called privateers that are resource disadvantaged and we work hard operating as a virtual not-for-profit to bring them resources like money and sponsors so our racers can compete to be the best in the world. We only have one paid position on staff - the race team truck driver. The dozens of others that help make Warthog Racing a reality are all volunteers, including myself and Darrell Saldana, the Race Director.If you are a LinkedIn user, my profile will give you a quick synopsis of what I represent: might even want to join my LinkedIn group, "The Supercross/Motocross Hotspot - The Warthog Nation," by clicking on the following link to better follow our program: mission is to help deserving privateer racers live their dreams. We've been living this vision since 2003. Our program - The Warthog Racing Academy -- provides the riders motorcycle transportation, pit set-up, mechanics, gas, food, water, hospitality, and rider marketing and promotion, as well as the opportunity for riders to "graduate" to better resources teams at any time during the season. The individual riders are responsible for their own motorcycles, race entry fees, and travel expenses.The economic turbulence of 2008 has not been kind to many of our potential riders. Although the Warthog Racing Academy has attained enough resources to fund our infrastructure for the season, many of our riders with the greatest potential have come up woefully short with the money and resources needed to make it through the season. These are excellent riders like Tyler Bowers, Sean Collier, Gavin Grayck, Michael Willard, Michael Blose, and Chris Blose plus many more. There riders do not deserve to sit on the sidelines this year - there must be a way to help them succeed and live their dreams.This is where you come in!! You can be the personal TITLE sponsor of one of these riders in The Warthog Racing Academy. Depending on the needs of the individual riders, contribution of ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 will make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the race careers of these riders!! Anything will help. As personal TITLE sponsor, you will have large co-TITLE sponsor decals on the rider's race motorcycles and his race uniforms, as well as have the entity of your choice get top billing in the rider's results sheets. We will also provide VIP tickets and treatment to you and a guest at two Supercross events during the 17 race Supercross season ( In a nutshell, you will be your own race team manager for the rider of your choice.Here are some links to our 2008 season summary to give you a feel for what The Warthog Racing Academy is all about: let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience as the season starts Jan 3rd, 2009. I can provide you a lot more detail about our program if you would like to see it. Let's get these kids focused on racing so that they can continue to do amazing things,Kind Regards,Scott Kandel
Chief Altruistic Officer
Warthog Racing
213 268-2659Or Darrell Saldana
Race Director
Warthog Racing
310 483-8113