Moto Roost Reflector - Dirt Rider Magazine

It's been a while since you've heard from Spy Guy. Well, Spy Guy has had a busy couple of weeks, and hasn't exactly been Spyin' as much as he would have liked. But after getting' his campaign on and narrowing losing to Hope-bama, Spy Guy is out of the Presidential race and back on the mean streets gettin' the scoop on all the latest new off-road products out there. Spy Guy is also referring to himself in the third person now, as that seems to be all the rage lately. Obviously, Spy Guy don't mess around.While creepin' on the east coast,, Spy Guy caught a glimpse of a hot new product from Enduro Engineering. Apparently, this wizz-ild new bit of armor is known as the Moto Roost Reflector, and when Spy Guy first saw it in action, Spy Guy was more stumped than the rain forest. How does that thing work? Well, it looks like the plastic piece hinges on a spring-loaded aluminum component that attaches to durable mounting hardware, allowing the deflector to pivot forward (much like the folding levers on Spy Guys's G-ride). The end result appears to be a set of handguards that bend the right way when you fall but stand strong while the roost is flying. It should be noted here that Spy Guy never falls, nor does Spy Guy get roosted. Spy Guy does the roosting.So, how much cheddar will this hot new setup go for? Don't quote Spy Guy on this, but the end price will likely be less than ten Abraham's (the $5 bill, not the penny. That's under $50, son!) Keep an ear to the mean streets for an update on the final release of this dope new product.Until next time...Spy Guy's out like Pete Peterson in a dating game!